Program Highlights

Here’s a few programs coming up on our cable TV schedule that have caught our eye! Check here every week for more highlights.


Search for Space Aliens with Facebook Live

Elliot Margolies - March 5, 2018

by Eva Barrows Ever look up into the infinite night sky and wonder if there’s Read More…

Experience a House Concert with Jaeger & Reid

Elliot Margolies -

By Eva Barrows Kick your heels up on the ottoman, settle into the couch and Read More…

“Ballerina: A One Woman Play” Stephanie Herman’s Journey to Owning Her Talent

Elliot Margolies -

By Eva Barrows An older ballerina dances in front of a full length mirror on Read More…

Chef, Food and Story on “What’s Cooking with Lionel”

January 31, 2018

By Eva Barrows You can imagine being one of those friends Chef Lionel Haeberle is Read More…

African American Youth Identify Solutions to Community Race Relation Issues

Elliot Margolies -

By Eva Barrows Race relations, how people of different races interact with each other, continues Read More…

Community Media Coverage Sparks National Interest for the Radical Monarchs

Elliot Margolies -

By Eva Barrows In 2015, Renee Marchol, a Midpen Zoom-In student film producer, chose to Read More…

Affordable Housing Brainstorming

Elliot Margolies - December 28, 2017

In mid-November a group of 11 had dinner in our TV studio and then engaged Read More…

Testing Universal Basic Income to Solve Cash Flow Problems

Elliot Margolies -

By Eva Barrows How will monthly living expenses be paid for once robots and computers Read More…

Talking With Henrietta: Millennial Voters

Elliot Margolies - December 4, 2017

By Eva Barrows Three leaders of Stanford Women in Politics (SWIP) joined host Henrietta Burroughs Read More…