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May 2018 – Table of Contents

  1. Zoom In Projects – Upward Scholars & Friends of Palo Alto Library
  2. Zoomers Support Grieving School Community
  3. Workshops – Adobe Premier Workshop – Next Workshop June 9 and 10; Next Zoom In starts June 25
  4. May Mixer Round-Up – What “was” new in the equipment room?
  5. Volunteer Thank Yous 
  6. Doug’s New “Youth Rally” PSA
  7. Next Mixer – Thursday, June 21 – Sling Studio Demo


A.  Upward Scholars – June 2nd – From Beth Charlesworth and Elizabeth Weal

Upward Scholars Annual Fundraiser and Celebration
June 2, 2018
Call Time 12 pm – ish
Event 1-3 pm
Outside at the Pavilion at Holbrook Palmer Park in Atherton
Single Camera to capture the program and some B roll.

We are looking for two people to cover the event. Lights will be required to light the speaker because the speaker will be in front of a window (of course, what else it possible?) — however, all four walls of the pavilion are glass, so there’s no easy answer except to light the speaker. But fortunately we have LIGHTS.  Below is a Zoom In video created by Beth of one students’ story last year.  For more inspiring videos visit: https://www.upwardscholars.org/video-and-press.

Upward Scholars is a non-prof that helps disadvantaged students attend and thrive at Community College by providing them with tutoring, money for tuition and books, plus friendship and guidance. Most of the students work at minimum wage jobs and Upward Scholars holds the promise of a better life for them and for their families. This amazing organization has really grown over the years due in part to its amazing mission, passionate board and the selfless efforts of the Executive Director Elizabeth Weal. Our own Beth Charlesworth fell under their spell and is now their usual volunteer videographer. However Beth, due to a scheduling conflict, will not be able to cover their annual fundraiser on June 2. We’re looking for volunteers to cover this event. You will not only get some excellent experience, but you will be inspired by the students who tell their stories and you see some of the local mucky mucks there as well. There will be yummy food. Most importantly, this is a fabulous cause.

Contact Becky@midpenmedia.org and let us know you want to be part of the team!

B. Friends of Palo Alto Library – Editing Request – From Lessa Bouchard and Janette Herceg

Friends of Palo Alto Library Thanks Us! We thank Doug! And We Need an Editor!

ZOOM IN thanks Doug for supporting two future Zoomers covering the Friends of the Palo Alto Library (FOPAL) 80th birthday party and author’s event last month. Doug ran over there and saved the day, which is his way. Thanks Doug for being mentor-on-call!

We seek an editor for the footage so if you are interested in honing your editing skills please let us know, and if you need support, the amazing Lessa Bouchard can help guide your efforts.

2. Zoomers Support Grieving Community

Thank you Mark Hatasaka and Gerard Lum for working together taping the memorial service honoring the life of beloved Barron Park elementary school teacher Larry Wong Sunday, May 20.  Larry’s death was sudden and has devastated not only the family he leaves behind but a school community where Larry’s impact will not long be forgotten.  Gerard is always eager to improve his skills and responded to the poignancy of the call.  And Mark was interested in the project because his sister went to school with Larry and confirmed that Larry was a great guy.  When the family and the parent volunteers who were organizing the memorial service at the school realized that it would be great to capture this event for posterity they thought of us!  Great work, Zoomers! Here is a quote from Marilyn, one of principal organizers of the event:

“Having Mark & Gerard was a miracle!
We will never be able to thank you enough.”

Mark is also undertaking the edit, so thank you Mark!  And thank you Gerard.  Your service makes a real difference!

3.  Workshops

  1. Adobe Premier – Join David Simon for two afternoons in the Classroom and learn one of top editing program.  June 9 & 10.  Get more info, here.
  2. Zoom In – Weeknight Edition – starts Monday, June 25 – Join the two “Ds” for an “A+” experience. Yes, Doug and David are back together to get you up to speed on ALL aspects of video production, ending with editing and posting your own short video.  Get more info here.

4. Equipment Play Ground in the Lobby

Zoomers and Friends build up their strength for the equipment tour

We had a great time at the mixer on May 17. Doug Kreitz, Rick Row, David Simon and Stan Ng demonstrated equipment that most of you know we have but a lot of stuff that you DON’T know we have — because it has been recently donated by the likes of Board member and Zoomer Beth Charlesworth, former Midpen contractor Matt Harnack and friends of board member Les Lincoln. Chris Pearce, our IT guy, was on hand to talk about the new mobile production truck he’s putting together with the help of Board member Andrew Mellows, with a generous donation from the Sharks Founding.


But getting back to all the cool gear we have, did you know we have 5 types of tripods?  That’s 5.  So we had a tripod beauty contest.  Some are lighter, some are sturdier, some are easier to level.  It depends on your needs we’ve got it all.  Plus we have all kinds of ways to support you and your camera:  Monopods, dollies, even some shoulder mounts and table top dollies.  Hello Dollie!  Plus we have our standard Panasonic Video Cameras, but we have a Canon Vixia, a Go-Pro plus a Sanyo mounted on a homemade steady cam set-up.  So it was fun to look at all this gear.

Elliot and Becky plan to put together an online catalog of our great stuff. Rick Row in a weak moment offered to help with our inventory. Thanks to all the volunteers, staff and donors who make Zoom In possible.


Stan demos the Canon C-100 while Zoomers & Friends watch. On the right hand side is a super cool table dolly.

5.  THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS – Rick for heeding the call from Green Town Los Altos to cover their special event on April 30.  Thanks again to Rick, Doug, Stan and David for presenting at the mixer, described above, Beth for supporting Upward Scholars, Mark and Gerard for supporting the family of Larry Wong, and Lessa for supporting FOPAL.  And thank you again to the dozen folks that came for our ZOOM IN brainstorming and got us back on track!

6.  Have you seen Doug’s latest video in service of Youth Rally?  If you don’t know it, Doug Kreitz has been the Youth Rally photographer and videographer for years.  Youth Rally supports kids with hidden surgeries and disabilities that make their lives a struggle, especially when trying to be accepted by their peers.  Kids from all over the country get together at camp and build each other up, get counseling and make new friends.  It’s a game changer.  And here’s a link to Doug’s latest PSA for them.

7.  SAVE THE DATE – Next Mixer June 21 – Stan demonstrates the Sling Studio – Multi-Cam Livestreaming made easy and simple.

To sign up, visit this link.

Past editions of Zoom In News —


Zoom In Alum Harleen Kaur’s passion project, Drawn Together: Comics, Diversity and Stereotypes will be screening at two major Bay Area film festivals in May:

DocLands in Marin County – May 5

CAAMFest 36 in Oakland – May 17

The film challenges the trope that superheroes are one size fits all.  In our diverse culture, why not have diverse superheroes?  Makes sense!  We are getting up a posse to go up and see the film on the 17th in Oakland?  Who’s with me?  Contact Becky@midpenmedia.org

Zoom In played not a small role in supporting Harleen with several works-in-progress screenings.  Not that we have anything to do with her success but we are proud of one of our own.  Congratulations, Harleen!


Check out all the exciting events on the Zoom In calendar.

For more information on Zoom In 2.0, contact becky@midpenmedia.org.


April Mixer – Getting Good Sound
Presented by Stan Ng
“Why does my video sound bad?”
• How can I get rid of that annoying echo when recording in a gym?
• How do I conduct an interview in the middle of a noisy street event?
• What is a “line out” at an staged event, and why is it so important to me?
• What is that hum, and how do I get rid of it?
• When should I use a lavaliere mic? Or a boom, a handheld? Why use a cardioid mic?

If you’ve ever gotten bad audio in your video recordings, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Stan Ng will share what he’s learned since being a part of Zoom In.

Tuesday, April 24, 7 pm
Free, $2 donation suggested
RSVPs appreciated: becky@midpenmedia.org

Stan Ng began volunteering at Midpen in 2006, never having used a video camera, video editor, or a quality microphone before then. Today, he has close to hundred short film credits to his name, in camera and sound departments. He has done film sound recording and postproduction sound design for short films for several years as part of the Scary Cow film cooperative. A staff contractor at Midpen, Stan is a founding team member of Zoom In. Stan recently left a career at Intel to devote himself to video production work.

To read an earlier story about the ZOOM IN REBOOT, click here.