Zoom In News – February 2017

Happy February Everyone! Lots going on. In this edition you’ll see:

I. NEW ZOOM IN OPPORTUNITIES – Teen Suicide Prevention Panel Discussion – Thursday, 2/9; Ron Herman Lecture and Art Exhibit – Thursday 2/23; & THIS WEEKEND Hikers and Horses with Toni – DETAILS BELOW

II. NEW LED Lighting Workshops – starting this weekend.

III. Accolades for Volunteer Video Dream Team that covered various Women’s Rallies in January

IV.  Two new Zoom In Videos produced by Scott Pinson for the Reel Impact Film Festival

IV. Ongoing Zoom In Requests


So let’s get started on the details:


1. Teen Suicide Prevention Panel – 2 camera operators, a gaffer and an editor

This Thursday we have an opportunity to tape a forum on preventing teen suicide sponsored by Adolescent Counseling Services and Project Safety Net. I am waiting to hear back if the organizers can get the presenters to sign release forms. Looking for some lighting — perhaps we’ll use the new lights. Plus two cameras would be great, one wide and one to get the speaker. Becky is going to be there so she can probably run a camera. Plus you learning editors, this will/should be an easy edit – two camera edit… I’ll provide lower thirds, etc.

2. Messengers of Peace Lecture and Exhibit – A different take on Islam with Ron Herman

Ron Herman is back! In February 23, Ron Herman delivers a lecture to accompany the opening of his photo exhibit, “Messengers of Peace.” Lecture from 6-7 p.m. in Room 1501, followed by the exhibit’s opening reception in the KCI Gallery. All at Foothill College. We have worked with Ron before and he’s a great guy to support


Background: Last year Ron was awarded a Fulbright to research religious diversity in West Africa. Based at the West African Research center in Dakar, Senegal, Ron researched Senegal’s Sufi Muslim brotherhoods, which practice a mystical form of Islam and spread a message of peace. These images reveal a different face of Islam, and offer a counter narrative to the one-dimensional portrayal of Muslims that dominates mainstream western media.

3. Horses and Hikers At Rancho San Antonio with Toni

TONI GOOCH, ZOOMER PAR EXCELLENCE is looking for some help to shoot a Trail Patrol event at Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve in Cupertino on Saturday, Feb 11 from 8:00 AM – 1 PM (expecting most of the shoot opportunities to be between 9:15 AM and 11 AM).
The event runs from 9:30 to 12:30, and will be run from two different locations in Rancho — one for hikers and one for equestrians. I’d like to get some good shots of hikers and riders heading out on the trails and interacting with other trail users, as well as interviews with the organizers and some volunteers and their interaction with visitors at the check-in areas.

8 AM would be meet time in Palo Alto to carpool to the location.

Even if you can only help out for the first 2 to 3 hours, that would be an immense help as I’d like to run two cameras to get the start of both locations, and would greatly appreciate help with microphones for interviews and with getting releases (either on video or on forms).




LED Panel Lighting Example


Hands-on Certification Workshop: The Media Center’s Portable LED Lighting Panels – A 21st Century Solution Your Lighting Needs
Instructor: Doug Kreitz
Cost: Free to “Zoom In” graduates – RSVP needed due to limited space; $10 for non-Zoom In members, but no one turned away for lack of funds

Location: Midpen Studio where available, otherwise upstairs, TBA

Saturday, February 11th – 10:00 a.m. – Noon
Monday, February 13th – 7:00 p.m – 9:00 p.m.
Tuesday, February 21st – 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
RSVP: becky@midpenmedia.org

Workshop Description
The Media Center has two sets of 3 LED Portable Lighting Panels available for “Zoom In” producers to use in your field shoots.
The panels use batteries or AC power, they provide a wonderful “softbox” effect for your interviews (see attached image), plus you can adjust the brightness and the color temperature of these lights to fine-tune your shoot for a great, professional look.

Workshop Outcomes
This workshop will teach you all you need to know about set-up and care of these panels, plus you will learn how to determine the color temperature of your scene (ambient light) and then match these lights for the best possible results.

Since these panels require some specialized instruction for set-up and use, we are asking that you attend one of these three scheduled training workshops so you can be certified to use them out in the field.

A quick shout out – We thank Patrick McErlain for his generous donation of the second set of lights for our use. Thank you Patrick!


Kathy Cordova, Toni Gooch, Lessa Bouchard, Trich Gray for covering the Women’s Rally in San Jose in service of a larger regional project being coordinated by the pro-bono retired photographer, Jack Owicki. They have delivered footage to Jack and of course we get to use the footage. Here are some pictures of Ms. Gooch in action, and the dream team relaxing after a day on the beat.

Dream Team Relaxes

Dream Team Relaxes – L-to-R – Kathy Cordova, Toni Gooch, Lessa Bouchard and Trich Gray

IV.  Shout to Zoomer Scott Pinson who has delivered a short and long version of a video that he produced in service to the Reel Impact Film Festival.  Scott shot and edited the footage.  Great job Scott.  Your stuff is awesome.   And we appreciate the shout out you gave us in the credits.  Gosh they are lucky you stepped up.   Here are the links, everybody and I’ll be getting them to run on our channels and to put on our youtube page as well.  We are already running the winning videos on our channels, so these will make nice companion pieces:

Toni Gooch in Action

Toni In Action!


1. Leadership Palo Alto – flexible

Dawn Billman who helps oversee the Leadership Palo Alto program would like a video where “graduates” of the program talk about how the program has impacted them and thus raise awareness of this important program. The goal of LPA is to discover, develop and deliver the next generation of civic “entrepreneurs” for Palo Alto. The program is sponsored by the City of Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, but did you know that most cities with a Chamber have a Leadership Development program? In fact, did you know I graduated in 2013. And many of you know Lessa Bouchard. She is in the current class. This is a worthy project and as a community partner with LPA, we’d love to support LPA with this.
2. Recovery Cafe Video Project – flexible

Ken Goldstein runs Recovery Café San José, which is a healing community for those traumatized by addiction, homelessness, and mental health challenges. Ken’s a real visionary and needs to keep doing that, rather than learn video production skills. But they would like a short (3 min) video explaining their mission & programs to community members. Zoomers can cover ongoing activities of the organization anytime Tuesday-Friday, 12:30-5:00, so if you are available to drop in and capture some footage, and then arrange to interviews some of the folks we can put together a nice video for them to use in their outreach activities. Ken will provide guidance and input, so you’ll be able to focus on just doing the camera. And if you would like to edit and not shoot, or shoot and not edit, we can definitely do this as a team project.