Zoom In News – Big Changes

Becky Sanders, the Zoom In “GooRoo” left Midpen full time in September 2017.

With Midpen’s new E.D. Keri Stokstad, Midpen staff is in the process of doing some high level envisioning, not only about Zoom In, but about the organization as a whole.

After doing a strategic review, we plan to roll out “Zoom In 2.0” (not an official title by the way) in early 2018:

Please look forward to participating in an envisioning process by which we invite your feedback and brainstorming. What better way to improve than by seeking input from the Zoomers?!

We believe we need to revamp the Zoom In workshop to appeal to training “groups” of folks in a related eco system — in addition to training individuals as has been the current model
We need a new marketing strategy – current one isn’t filling the seats
We will be holding the Zoomies again but not until 2018, date/season TBD
We will be seeking strategies for keeping Zoom In Grads engaged
We will be revamping the Mixer/Meet-Ups
We will be seeking ways to integrate Zoom In with other Midpen programs to provide more cross-pollination across the organization.

If you are a Zoom In member or Zoom In grad, Zoom In rental policies are unaffected. It’s still $100 to join ZI, and to get access to all our cool equipment.

Though Becky is no longer full time, she will be staying on to help with Zoom In.  If you would like to be part of Zoom In 2.0, please email becky@midpenmedia.org