Help us build a vibrant photo section on the Media Center’s web site. We will feature images from our communities, digital art from our workshops, and of course photos of Media Center activities. There will also be a photo competitions that will be part of our dynamic photo gallery section. Stay tuned (and focused)!


Midpen Media Center Photos From Flickr

Field Production Photos

Photos From 2007 Staff Retreat


Dubrovnik Rooftops

walking along the wall that circles the city

Boston building

lots of windows - abstract

Carmi & Shelly

Cape Cod 2017

Cape Cod pond trail

down this way to go swimming!


barn, tree, puddle

somewhere around Gilroy, CA

barn structures

bales Radovica


Mclaren Park trees

lesser traveled park in San Francisco


Smug Mug Gallery of Media Center Field Productions

Smug Mug Gallery of Media Center Activities in the Studio