Peninsula Backstage

There’s no shortage of live theatre on the San Francisco Peninsula. Plays, musicals, and opera. Modern and classical. Professional and amateur. Peninsula Backstage brings in the people behind upcoming shows to talk about them. Tune in and find out what’s going on in our world of theatre.

Our Current Episode
On November 11th, we shot a special Peninsula Backstage episode about the change in leadership at Dragon Productions Theatre Company. Meredith Hagedorn, Founder and Executive Artistic Director, is stepping down at the end of 2018, and Alika Spencer-Koknar and Bora “Max” Koknar are stepping up as the new Co-Artistic Directors. Host Nina G. Perry interviews all three about where the Dragon has been and where it’s going, and we also feature clips from five previous Dragon productions.

David Simon directed the episode, and we couldn’t have done it without the talents of crew members Fred Bockmann, Ron Marks, Kendy, Asia Dubarenka, Cathy Keys, and Pedro Arenas. We even ended early! Kudos!!!

Click the link below to see a 6-minute preview of the episode. For the full version, click the Show Times link to see it on TV, or the Online Episodes link to see it on Vimeo.

And remember to go out and support local, live theatre!