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Artist Expression
Break it Down Line Dancers
Jennifer Lyons interviews and showcases the "Break it down Line dancers."
Airs On Channel
Thu, Aug 16th 2:00am 30
Fri, Aug 17th 7:30pm 30
Sat, Aug 18th 5:30am 30
Sat, Aug 18th 3:30pm 30
Sun, Aug 19th 10:30am 30
Mon, Aug 20th 6:30am 30
Mon, Aug 20th 11:30am 30
Tue, Aug 21st 4:30am 30
Thu, Aug 23rd 2:00am 30
Fri, Aug 24th 7:30pm 30
Sat, Aug 25th 5:30am 30
Sat, Aug 25th 3:30pm 30
Artist Expression
Tuskegee Airmen
Keisha Evans interviews David Cuningham on the Tuskegee Airman, tales of his father, and his continued work as a historian today.
Airs On Channel
Thu, Aug 16th 10:30pm 30
Thu, Aug 23rd 10:30pm 30