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Future Talk
Software Detectives
Software forensics pioneer Bob Zeidman discusses his career tracking down intellectual property theft and appearing as an expert witness in hundreds of court cases, and also talks about his satirical novel "Good Intentions" about a future dystopia where everyone is afraid of offending anyone or taking any risks.
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Tue, Dec 18th 5:30pm 30
Thu, Dec 20th 10:00pm 30
Fri, Dec 21st 5:00am 30
Fri, Dec 21st 2:00pm 30
Sat, Dec 22nd 11:30am 30
Sat, Dec 22nd 6:30pm 30
Mon, Dec 24th 8:00pm 30
Thu, Dec 27th 10:00pm 30
Fri, Dec 28th 5:00am 30
Fri, Dec 28th 2:00pm 30
Sat, Dec 29th 11:30am 30
Sat, Dec 29th 6:30pm 30