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Yoga for Health and Joy
Core Strengthening Yoga
Core Strengthening Yoga * Short Class. Do you wish you had a stronger core? Do you want muscles that are more toned? Me too :) We feel better and are healthier with stronger muscles. Every time you practice these core poses you are getting stronger. Be easy, be lighthearted, be playful, so you want to keep doing yoga stretches and strengthening poses until your 100th birthday or longer.
Airs On Channel
Sat, Nov 25th 5:30am 75
Sun, Nov 26th 4:00am 28
Yoga for Health and Joy with Patricia Becker
Backbends for Flexibility
Backbends for Flexibility - Learn how to practice backbends correctly so they are challenging and comfortable. Regular practice will increase your range of motion and make you feel lighter and energized.
Airs On Channel
Wed, Nov 29th 6:00am 28
Wed, Nov 29th 5:30pm 28
Sat, Dec 2nd 5:30am 75