13 Year Old Singer/Songwriter Stunning in the Studio

Eighth-grader, Matt Jaffe, our youngest guest thus far, appeared on AMERICAN SONGWRITER in the studio on February 3, 2009. Playing the guitar, Matt sang 5 original songs with a folk/rock.indie style: Sitting Ducks, When You Can’t Walk in a Straight Line, Scientific Reasoning, Speechless, and Realizations. We asked Matt to join us after hearing him at the West Coast Songwriters Song Competition held at the Freight and Salvage in Oakland. He won best song that night with Speechless.

AT 13, Matt is quite a musical phenomenon. He has played violin since he was five. He taught himself the guitar a few years ago; he also plays the mandolin and the piano. He has a clear, mellifluous voice and has a keen enough understanding of human nature to write lyrics worth listening to. As I said, “Phenomenal.” He is so natural and easy-going, however, that it’s easy to see that being phenomenal is not his goal. All the wows and ooos fade fast against the backdrop of interesting melodies with great twists, thought-provoking lyrics and flat-out terrific finger-work on the guitar. This young man is VERY entertaining as well as gifted. And he is so earnest, that he can really put over his songs. On the guitar, he plays very challenging riffs that he has created for himself with youthful vitality yet mature expression. His guitar performances are already masterful and riveting.

Catch this emerging songwriter/artist on Channel 27, Friday nights at 9 pm and simulcast as well on our website. Check our website for additional TV playback times. Also Matt has a youtube channel so search him on Youtube to learn more.

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