Here’s a tip for all our great TV studio crew volunteers. Find out which producers are scheduling talented chefs to come in and cook a televised feast. Then sign up as a camera person. The crew members for “Frente Unido” (“United Front Presents”) were the happy tasters of celebrated Chef Maritza Hurtado’ s enchiladas and secret sauces this evening. Chef Hurtado, of Special Touch Catering, was unloading boxes of yummy ingredients as this disappointed writer had to leave the Media Center. I’ll be imagining her strawberry dessert concoction while munching my cauliflower this evening. Hurtado recently won an award from the Renaissance Entrepreneurial Center for her community involvement. Do you think more community producers should include a cooking show episode now and then? If so, what kind of cooking would you like to see?

Here is the Frente Unido playback schedule.

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