2021 Producers’ Shows Highlights

Artist Expression is a show curated by Alma Love at Midpen Media Center. Various artists book studio time with Alma to show off their work — poetry, music, storytelling, and more — and their performances are compiled and edited into thirty-minute segments. There is no age limit, and many people reach out to Alma to participate in her show.

Alma has met a lot of interesting people through hosting Artist Expression, including Pete Escovedo, an infamous American percussionist. Alma describes the passion behind her show, “it’s an opportunity to give people exposure and tell their story by any means necessary. It makes people happy and feel important, like they are somebody.” As for Midpen Media Center’s role, she said that it’s close to home and has everything she needs. “The studio helps us progress,” she stated.

Currently, Alma is looking for new volunteers to be part of her crew, as well as food donations.

Veterans Helping Veterans, hosted by Sheryl Schaffer, is described on the VHVTV website as a show whose mission is to “inform, educate and motivate veterans to learn about and apply for potential benefits.” Here she speaks about the differences in hosting before and after the pandemic. “We are all learning as we go because…the pandemic changed everything for everyone. It’s interesting to do virtually as opposed to in-person.”

She spoke about meeting a colleague, Richard, who helped with editing her content in Premiere. “It’s a wonderful collaboration that I never really imagined would happen this way, but the pandemic forced me to do this: either give up, or create content. Content is fun virtually. Pre-pandemic, if you wanted a good interview, you get to the studio, do research…What COVID has done for me as a creator, a content producer, is force me to be creative in ways that I didn’t know I had the skills to do. I can do stuff on my own in the comfort of my home and create this content on a Mac.” She then went on to say, “But we’re hoping next year to be back in the studio.”

“I have a long history with Midpen Media Center. Midpen Media empowered me. I had a dream in my mind and they gave me a way to materialize that. Being Community Access has always been about telling stories and interviewing people. I’m certainly willing to work with people who have better abilities than me. That’s what I miss most about being in the studio, I don’t have the energy [at home]. Guests, food, the Green Room, excitement, surrounded by people wanting to create content…I miss that.”

Special Moments with Stevie D. is run by the titular man himself, Stevie D. “It started as a talk show,” he explained in his interview, “and then quickly went into other formats. We did a game show, [an] infomercial episode…[It’s] sketch comedy, scenes, PSAs, commercials.” He summarized, “It will always be different, and that energy brings excitement to the show.”

His crew was welcomed back into the studio following our reopening; he’d filmed his shows over ZOOM throughout the pandemic. “ZOOM shows were challenging [but] went pretty well after learning. ZOOM gave us the opportunity to experiment, but we always wanted to get back in the studio…You’ve got a really beautiful facility; the studio’s large, it’s modern, and you guys are very friendly and very helpful.” Stevie D. further explained choosing Midpen Media as the home base for his production by saying that we allowed him to be “free enough to experiment and produce what [we] want. You have to have that feeling that you can experiment because that’s what art is — that’s what life is.”

Stevie D. stated that he is always looking for great, energetic crew that want to help out.