2021 Summer Camps Registration Now Open!

The Midpen Media Center is pleased to announce that four in-person weeklong summer camp experiences are now open for registration! Beginning in June, we plan to welcome students from 6th-12th grade to join us for this valuable media-making daycamp experience.

Midpen Media Makers Summer Institute (2 Weeks)
Mon-Fri, 9:30AM – 3:30PM

Grades 6 – 12

From TikTok to YouTube to Television, this 2-week summer camp experience provides an all-encompassing hands-on approach to media-making using modern tools and technology. Join our instructors Emily and Pedro on an educational journey through media production in every form. As our students drive the creative process, they’ll have the chance to:

  • Produce or star in a professional studio television show
  • Write and record a podcast
  • Create a short documentary
  • Present a final video project to be screened for families and shown on local television
  • Master the art of light design and sound design
  • Acquire professional media skills that will stand out on college and job applications

This deeply valuable creative playspace will conclude with a family-and-friends awards ceremony and official screening of their final projects. As our students work to produce a high-quality video production, creative energy will be their greatest tool for this summer camp experience! 

Session Dates: June 21st – July 2nd, Mon – Fri
Enrollment: $750

Midpen Media’s Sports Broadcasting Camp (1 Week)
Mon-Fri, 9:30AM – 3:30PM

Learn all about live sports broadcasting through this unique, hands-on technical training experience. In our mobile TV production truck, you’ll learn every crew position: director, camera operator, graphics engineer, audio engineer, and play-by-play commentator. Come watch a game from the perspective of a professional sports television crew, and learn to tell the story of a live game as it happens.

Graduates of this camp are also invited to join our Sports Broadcasting Team. Throughout the school year, we cover local school sporting events for cable television and online live stream presentation. Crew members receive Community Service hours, a free meal each game, and the chance to work with industry professionals.

Session Dates: July 12th – July 16th
Enrollment: $450

Midpen Media’s Multimedia Journalism Camp (1 Week)
Mon-Fri, 9:30AM – 3:30PM

“If your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.”
-Tom Stoppard, American Playwright

In today’s atmosphere of misinformation, “fake news” accusations, and limitless access to worldwide research and communication, investigative and journalistic skills have never been more crucial to the health and wellbeing of our communities. Midpen Media strives to amplify local voices and empower local activists through media-making education and opportunities. This summer we are launching our Youth Journalism Institute – a hands-on summer camp experience where teens will learn to ask questions and tell stories with the power to change the world. Students will be trained in all forms of news media communications, including news writing, journalistic podcasting, photojournalism, and short documentary video production. They’ll come away with a researched, polished, and published story reflecting issues relevant to their communities – and with the tools to continue finding and reporting the stories that need to be told.

Session Dates: July 19th – July 23rd
Enrollment: $450

Midpen Media’s Studio Production Camp (1 Week)
Mon-Fri, 9:30AM – 3:30PM

Through this 1-week summer camp experience, you’ll learn all the skills you need to produce, direct, and star in a  professional television production. This camp provides a hands-on opportunity to learn the ins and outs of creating television in our professional studio from concept to completed show. Together, we’ll explore the art of

  • Designing sets 
  • Operating cameras 
  • Controlling sound 
  • Creating live graphics 
  • Directing a team of peers to bring your ideas to life

Previous classes have produced game shows, sitcoms, talent and variety shows, and discussions about local youth-related issues. Once having completed this training, students are encouraged to come back and participate throughout the school year on real television productions – both of their own design and under the direction of local influential producers.

Session Dates: July 26th – July 30th
Enrollment: $750