3 Cups of Fun!

“3 Cups of Fun!” is a cooking show from 2014, featuring Chef Nancy Bain and her 2 children, Zach Bain (age 13) and Veronica Bain (age 11). At that time, there were very few cooking shows that included children. The first episode showed how to make delicious bagels at home and a fruit smoothie with protein powder. These are great after school snacks that you can make at home. In Episode #3, we had a guest Chef Shawn Williams from Feve Chocolates demonstrate how to airbrush chocolates. Episode #8 was a Halloween special that showed how to make pumpkin pie and a haunted gingerbread house. Episode #9 suggested that you use turkey leftovers to make Turkey Pot Pie and showed how to make traditional pork tamales and a classic French Bûche de Noël or Chocolate Yule Log cake with chocolate mousse filling. We hope that these dishes will inspire our audience to get busy in the kitchen!

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