A Pandemic International Zoom Exchange

Denmark was in the house, as were Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Israel, Venezuela, and Mexico. The September 27th Midpen Media-hosted Zoom exchange about life during the pandemic featured an international gathering. 

Two of the participants had experienced the virus first-hand. One spoke of collective singing from balconies in her town, another of the “community spirit” requested by the prime minister and embraced by all. Another spoke of a prime minister suspected of acting for his own benefit whenever he issues COVID-19 related policies. Two others shared their overall distrust of their governments, but a surprising level of trust regarding the COVID-policies they have implemented.

On a personal level, one woman is taking care of her elderly father and maintaining a sense of normalcy for him. Another talked about her mother’s dying days and how COVID-19 brought them very close. Someone else spoke about the devastation her daughter is experiencing through job loss, while another person spoke of her kids finally getting to know their grandparents as they shelter in place together.

The “International Exchange” is a poignant and compelling comparison of experiences since the pandemic hit last March. Both the differences and the universals in people’s lives are evident across the national borders. 

Five “Zoom Exchanges” featuring different groups speaking about their lives since the pandemic have been produced by Midpen Media, made possible by the R. Lacey Civic Engagement Initiative.