A Social Media Experiment to Empower Voters

Today we started a five week experiment in social media. Our new web page tells why we are so committed to videotaping candidate forums, ballot measure debates, candidate statements, and our Election Night specials. It asks everyone to consider any size donation to help us in this huge election year.

We’ve already begun producing tapes for the upcoming primary election on June 5 and have a lot of plans on the drawing board for this summer leading up to the November elections. We air the programs on cable TV and upload them to the Internet. In a couple of days, we will launch our election page for the primary that will have links to the forums online and to the TV playback schedule.

Video resources are a great help to the discriminating voter who wants to compare how the candidates present themselves in addition to their policy positions. Where else will you ever get a look and feel for the Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge candidates – unless unfortunately you must appear before their bench someday? How are you going to choose between the 8 candidates in the San Mateo County Supervisor race? The video will help you discover your gut feeling.

Thanks for helping us spread the word about our new campaign and its location at:http://www.razoo.com/story/Empowering-Voters. We’re hoping to raise $5,000 from people who value local elections and resources that go way beyond glossy mailers and lawn signs. Let us know if you have any ideas we should pursue to make our first social media fund raising campaign successful.

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