Mission & Values

The Midpeninsula Community Media Center is a non-profit organization where every citizen can make a difference. Use it to:

  • Learn Video Production
  • Make Shows on Local Cable TV Access Channels
  • View Programs on the Cable Channels or this Web Site
  • Make the Media Center Better, Stronger, and Increasingly Vital through your Involvement.


The mission of the Midpeninsula Community Media Center is to:

  • Inform, inspire and empower people to speak and act on behalf of their communities
  • Use television and the Internet to create and distribute programs that promote and celebrate individual expression, local achievements, education, cultural exchange, arts appreciation and civic engagement

MC bldg


Our vision is of a community that explores and uses video and other electronic communications technologies to:

  • Tell its stories, learn about the diversity of the community
  •  Engage in a dialogue that crosses political and cultural boundaries

We see these technologies as:

  • Tools for public engagement
  • Affordable communications tools for local governments and non-profits
  • A means of creative expression
  • A path to an attractive career

In our community, all residents and community organizations will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to use and apply these tools
  • Share their opinions and creations with the rest of the community

Our youth will understand how to create and analyze video as a means of communication and expression.

Local governments will have easy access to communications channels to keep the community informed about services, events, and policies of local interest.

Community organizations will have affordable access to those channels to tell their stories and attract support.


Organizational Values

        We believe:

        • Communications technologies can strengthen communities by providing information about the community by creating opportunities for cross-jurisdiction dialogue, cultural validation, cross-cultural exchange, and voter awareness and by allowing more voices to be heard
        • In supporting creativity because of its role in building a vital, vibrant community and economy
        • Everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to use the latest communications technologies
        • Media literacy helps people interpret and respond effectively to the messages they receive in their everyday lives


      • In upholding and protecting the First Amendment rights of citizens
      • Public benefit organizations should have affordable access to video-based communications tools to help them tell their stories
      • Local governments should have affordable access to television and Internet-based channels to help them reach their constituents
      • In upholding an environmental ethic in our work.  In keeping with that we have made significant green improvements to our building.

Our mission and history has been intertwined with that of many other community media centers nationwide and the Alliance for Community Media.