Mission & Values


The Midpeninsula Community Media Center (aka, Midpen Media) is a non-profit organization where every citizen can make a difference. You can

  • Take Classes in Video, Audio, and Podcasting Production
  • Make Shows on Local Cable TV Access Channels
  • View Programs on the Cable Channels or this Web Site
  • Learn How to Use Emerging Technologies to Create Content
  • Make the Media Center Better, Stronger, and Increasingly Vital through Your Involvement



Our mission is to encourage and support community engagement, facilitate free speech, inspire expression, and reflect our local cultural diversity by providing high-quality media resources and training to members of our community.

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Midpen Media will be a model for community media centers and a leader in providing public access programming.

Core Values

  • Equal Access – Providing community access to all
  • Freedom of Expression – Encouraging all to freely express their opinions, views, and ideas in an equitable, respectful, and safe environment
  • Objective – acting in a fair and balanced manner absent bias or prejudice
  • Ethical – Being equitable, fair, and just in our dealings and conforming to high standards of public conduct
  • Inclusive – Celebrating and respecting differences, and serving people of all backgrounds and personal identities
  • Sustainable – Ensuring sustainable practices in all programs and services so that future generations will benefit from having access to high-quality media education, production and distribution capabilities, and facilities

Our mission and history have been intertwined with that of many other community media centers nationwide and the Alliance for Community Media. See more about the power of Community Media here.