Green Measures

The Media Center has been certified as a Green Business through the Santa Clara County Green Business Program.
We buy Green Energy and we’ve installed a 10 kilowatt photovoltaic system on our roof.

We’re saving the planet and saving money!

Our Solar Panels Avoid Greenhouse Gasses


The Media Center’s solar panel array has been online and generating electricity since the summer of 2008.

We’re producing energy and avoiding CO2/NOX emissions.

The panels are generating a little over 8 
kilowatts at the middle of the day.

During the summer, almost 60 KwH per
day are generated, and the excess
 energy that we don’t use is fed back into
 the electricity grid.

 meter can potentially run backwards for 
part of the day!

We are avoiding about 36 kg of CO2
 every day with our solar panels.



The Greenlight Film Festival

The Media Center sponsored the Greenlight Film Festival for 10 years, from 2006 through 2015, showcasing student-produced projects that explore environmental citizenship. Check out these inspiring award winning films on our Greenlight page.

We Don’t Forget the Small Things, Either

At the Media Center, we make green choices in our everyday decisions. We buy recycled paper goods. We serve water from a pitcher using glasses rather than using bottled water. We encourage all who use our facility to recycle their paper, newspapers, bottles and cans. Next time you drop in, bring us your old printer cartridges and batteries. We’re a collection point for these recyclables.