Affordable Housing is “On the Table” in Midpen Media Show

By Eva Barrows
The Silicon Valley is a crowded place. Bumper to bumper traffic, sky-high rents and prohibitive housing prices are major issues for people living in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

In acknowledgment of these growing pains, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation is facilitating, On the Table, a day of community discussion Wednesday, November 15. Employers, community organizations and residents are encouraged to gather a group of friends, co-workers or even strangers to talk about these issues over a meal.

Midpen Media Center will host invited guests to hash out the topic of affordable housing in Silicon Valley. Elliot Margolies, Midpen Strategic Initiatives Director will moderate the meal time conversation.

Guests will include affordable housing advocates like the organizations: Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County and Support Teacher Housing. People who are directly impacted by the lack of housing will also be on the panel. Elliot says, “The content will be a mix of putting a human face and experience to the issue along with a healthy dose of brainstorming in the face of significant barriers to the development of affordable housing in the Silicon Valley.”

After the event, Midpen will create a short show or clips from the discussion to share the outcome. To find public “On the Table” discussions or to find out how to host one, go to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation website for more information.

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