Architectural Review Board

September 15th, 2016


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Action Items

3. 1451-1459 Hamilton Avenue and 1462 Edgewood Drive [16PLN-00174]: Request by Walker Warner Architects, Inc., on behalf of RBLKT LLC, SFRP LLC, RFBPO LLC, and JPAWW LLC for Major Architectural Review to allow for the demolition of two singlestory houses and two two-story houses and for the construction of three single-story houses and one two-story house on four separate lots. Basements are proposed for two of the houses. Environmental Assessment: Categorically Exempt per CEQA Guidelines Section 15302 (Replacement or Reconstruction). Zoning District: Single Family Residential (R-1(10,000)). For more information contact the planner Graham Owen at



4. 900 N California Ave [15PLN-00155]: Request by Kohler Associates Architects, on behalf of Greg Xiong, for Architectural Review of three single-family homes to replace three existing homes. Environmental Review: Categorically Exempt per CEQA Guidelines Section 15303(a) (New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures). Zoning District: Single Family Residential District (R-1). For more information contact the planner, Adam Petersen at



5. 252 Ramona Street [13PLN-00431]: Request by Carrasco & Associates for Major Architectural Review of a proposal to demolish one existing single story residence and construct a new two story building with two residential units. This item was continued from the April 16, 2015 ARB Hearing. Environmental Assessment: Approval of an Exemption under Section(b) of the California Environmental Quality Act. Zoning District: Two Unit Multiple-family Residential District and Neighborhood Preservation Combining District RMD(NP). For more information contact the planner Ranu Aggarwal at

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