Architectural Review Board

May 5th, 2022


Call to Order / Roll Call

1. Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing Use of Teleconferencing for Architectural Review Board During Covid-19 State of Emergency.

Oral Communications

Agenda Changes, Additions, and Deletions

City Official Reports

1. Transmittal of 1) the ARB Meeting Schedule and Attendance Record, 2) Tentative Future Agenda items and 3) Recent Project Decisions.



Action Item

3. Staff Recommend That the Architectural Review Board (ARB) Consider, Provide Feedback or Changes, and Recommend Approval of the Proposed Permanent Parklet Program Design Standards to the City Council.



4. PUBLIC HEARING / QUASI-JUDICIAL. 546 Oxford Ave. [22PLN-00243]: Consideration of a Major Architectural Review to Allow the Demolition of 450 sf Commercial Office, and Single-Story House with Detached Garage and the Construction of Two New Two-Story Single-Family Homes; Unit at the Rear of lot shall be two-story with a basement and detached garage approximately, 2000 square feet, Front Unit, new two-Story Single Family and an attached carport approximately 1400 square feet. Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Zoning District: RMD (NP) (Low Density Residential, Neighborhood Preservation Overlay). For More Information Contact the Project Planner Emily Foley at



5. PUBLIC HEARING / QUASI-JUDICIAL. 180 El Camino Real [22PLN-00028]: Recommendation on Applicant’s Request for Approval of a Board Level Architectural Review application to allow for a new storefront façade and signage for Brilliant Earth retail tenant (formerly Marimekko – Space #71, Bldg. D). Environmental Assessment: Exempt From CEQA per Section 15303 (New Construction). Zoning District: CC (Community Commercial). For More Information Contact the Project Planner Tamara Harrison at



6. Discuss the Draft Architectural Review Board’s (ARB) Draft Work Plan, Suggest Changes, and Recommend Submitting the Draft Work Plan to the City Council; and Discuss the ARB’s Annual Report and any Bylaw Changes Needed (Continued from March 3, 10, 17, April 7 and 21, 2022).



Approval of Minutes

7. Draft Architectural Review Board Meeting Minutes for March 10, 2022 (continued from 4/7).

8. Draft Architectural Review Board Meeting Minutes for April 7, 2022.

Subcommittee Items

Board Member Questions, Comments or Announcements