Architectural Review Board

January 10th, 2019


Call to Order / Roll Call

Agenda Changes, Additions, and Deletions

City Official Reports

  1. Transmittal of 1) the ARB Meeting Schedule and Attendance Record, and 2) Tentative Future Agenda items.

Oral Communications



Action Items

2. PUBLIC HEARING: Historic Resources Board and Architectural Review Board Input on Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project (PCEP) Overhead Contact System Foundation & Pole Layouts Design for Installation Within Caltrain Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB) Right of Way in Palo Alto. Environmental Assessment: The JPB Certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Adopted a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan (MMRP) in January 2015, Following Publication of the Draft EIR in February 2014 for Public Comment. For More Information Contact the Chief Planning Official Amy French at



Approval of Minutes

3. Draft Architectural Review Board Meeting Minutes for October 18, 2018

4. Draft Architectural Review Board Meeting Minutes for November 1, 2018.

5. Draft Architectural Review Board Meeting Minutes for November 15, 2018.

Subcommittee Items

Board Member Business

Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Board Member Questions, Comments or Announcements 


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