Becky Sanders Joins the Midpen Media Board

The Midpen Media board welcomes community organizer and writer Becky Sanders to the board. Becky took the Studio Workshop in 2007 and fell in love with Midpen Media. She loved the organization so much she started working part-time and then full time until leaving in 2017. Becky is now working on her MFA in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University and is delighted to have joined the board in January.

In addition to her time in the programming and marketing departments and managing the Zoom-In field production program at Midpen Media, Becky has worked as a market analyst, contract writer, researcher, recruiter, and screenwriter. Becky is co-chair of Palo Alto Neighborhoods and the moderator of the newly revived Ventura Neighborhood Association. Becky believes that independent community media is more important now than ever.

“They say “money talks,” and that’s part of the problem,” Becky says. “All those great ideas that bubble up from grassroots individuals and organizations don’t have money to buy access. Midpen Media and other community media centers give access to what congress has established as the public right-of-way in conjunction with for-profit cable TV systems. What does that public right-of-way look like in the future? That’s why I’ve become a board member – to help shape that important space for community voices.”