Behind the Scenes at Pac12 Networks

The magic keeps happening for our youth sports team. Remember last month’s lead article where we reported our youth actually got to crew at the Stanford Diamond and even commentate a game?  Well Stanford’s sports team connected our kids to Pac12 Networks.  Pac-12 Networks is a media company linking one national and six regional TV networks, to manage college video productions in order to connect fans with their favorite teams and universities.  College sports is big business and they are right in the middle of it.

Our intrepid sports producer Sara Bennett  journeyed up to the network headquarters in San Francisco with our young producers on Caltrain!  They spent a magical afternoon in the company of on air talent Ashely Adamson who conducted the youth through the maze of offices and studios.  The youth got to see how Pac12 manages their content marketing and even got to help post some articles to social media.  They toured the studio including the broadcast anchor desk, read from the teleprompter there, and got to be in the studio and the control room during a live broadcast.

Sara said that after spending the afternoon keeping up with her energetic crew, she was tired but satisfied.  “Our kids had the experience of a lifetime,” Bennett said.  “How many adults, let alone kids, get to go behind the scenes with the Pros?  Our kids see how the industry works and that makes it real to them.  Basically we are doing the same as  Pac12 is doing, but on a much smaller scale obviously and without all the pro bells and whistles.  The kids get that connection, it’s not rocket science, it’s something they can do.  And that makes my job really rewarding.”

To watch youth produced local sports, visit the MC Sports Playlist on our Youtube Channel.  An exciting game (shown below) was the crosstown rivalry football match between Woodside High School and Menlo Atherton with commentating by middle schooler Judge Cantrell.  MC Sports supports Midpen’s mission which in a nutshell is about recording the excellence in your own backyard.  Local airways for local programming!  Right now we’re in the middle of our summer camps for kids to learn sports broadcasting, TV Studio production and Animation.  There is still room so please visit our website for more info.

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