Birth Talks: Important Decision for Expectant Moms

By Eva Barrows

Birth Talks, a new Midpen Media Center show, will explore the parenting journey featuring specialists and resources to support new parents. In the first episode, midwife Faith Gibson talks with host DayLite about two child birthing options available to expectant mothers.

Gibson shares her experience working with hospital patients who were medicated and had no memory of giving birth or were not medicated, had the support of other women and experienced the joy of childbirth. Gibson saw the benefits of being upright and using gravity to help mothers give birth, instead of laying down where the baby needs to be “pushed uphill.”

As a midwife, Gibson gives “maternity care” focusing on the mother and caring of new mom and baby. Midwives make house calls to check on the wellbeing of mom and child, teach breastfeeding techniques and provide a support system. Whereas hospital obstetrical care provides necessary medical intervention for mothers who need medical help but the doctor doesn’t spend time with the new mom.

Gibson’s message to women is to have realistic expectations when they make their choice in care. Watch the debut episode of Birth Talks to find out more about what a midwife does and how to find one in your area.

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