Black Excellence Featured on MC Youth Presents

By Eva Barrows

On MC Youth Presents’ February show, host Nyla Choates talks with two guests who foster black excellence in schools and the business community. Sean Anglon, Assistant Principal at Rancho Middle School, works to connect children of color with their history at an earlier age. Some students, he notes, tune out from education when they don’t see people who look like them portrayed in history class. Learning about Africa, African influence in the U.S. and African American’s who have helped shape the country gives a sense of pride to students and promotes respect from others.

The show’s second guest, Taylor Baloney an African American female entrepreneur talks about pursuing her startup business. Her GPS enabled tracking device, Find My Everything, attaches to anything you don’t want to lose. As Taylor has networked with venture capitalist investors and potential partners, she’s run into some stereotypes and misconceptions. People are shocked sometimes to find out a young black woman created a tech device, but she moves forward with confidence in herself and her knowledge. Taylor mentors young women in STEM because she loves to inspire and motivate.

Join MC Youth Presents and celebrate Black History Month by viewing the show!

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