Buster Calms Frazzled Nerves

The upcoming edition of “In the Sisterhood” features a guest who did not say a word and actually fell asleep during the taping.Buster,” manages to entertain viewers even while snoring away. He is a very laid back, canine pug who works by day at the Palo Alto dental practice of Lori Doran. Dr. Doran is also a guest on the show. She describes how Buster calms down all of her nervous patients, such as those who have viewed “Marathon Man” where Dustin Hoffman gets an unforgettable drilling.

Buster goes to work by climbing in their laps and whispering some sweet nothings. Dr. Doran is a big fan of Ellen de Generes and is hoping that Generes, a dog-lover, will catch wind of this episode and book the Dental Duo for her TV show.

“The Bay Area Loves Buster” premieres on Channel 30, Sunday, August 28 at 1:00 PM. You can find numerous replays listed (as of 8/28) here. Next up for “In the Sisterhood” producer Beth Wilson, is author Dawn Armstrong, who wrote a story of hope that is going viral among military service men and women.

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