Campers Practice Sports   Broadcasting Skills

By Eva Barrows

Does a career in sports broadcasting sound cool? Kids in the Midpen Media Center’s Sports Camp learn the skills it takes to become pro sports broadcasters. They learn everything from how to dissect games with play-by-play commentary and how to follow the action of a game through the camera lens.
Our brand new field production truck is currently being outfitted with high quality HD equipment. Campers from this year’s sports camps are getting hands on experience with the new cameras and announcer station. They will have the opportunity to learn the new graphics computer later in the year once it’s installed in the truck!

On the last day of each camp session, campers test their new broadcasting skills by covering a real Sky Hawks game. Campers from week two and three covered games of “Capture the Flag.” With multiple flags in play, campers have to decide what action to follow, how to commentate to make a cohesive story for the viewer. Once campers graduate from sports camp training they are eligible to crew the production truck during the academic year at school sporting events.
Watch campers using their new skills:

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