City Council

August 28th, 2017


Call to Order

Study Session

1. Joint Meeting of the City Council and the Historic Resources Board



2. 3709 El Camino Real [17PLN-00189]: Request by Palo Alto Housing for a Prescreening to Construct a Four-story Building With 61 Affordable Housing Units Including a Building Manager Unit; 2,412 Square Feet of Commercial Space; and Additional Amenity Space for use by the Tenants. The Proposal Would Require at Least one of the Following: Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Rezoning, and/or Zoning Text Amendment. Environmental Assessment: Prescreening is not a Project. The Formal Application Will be Subject to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Review. Zoning District: CN (Neighborhood Commercial)



Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments

Oral Communications



Minutes Approval

3. Approval of Action Minutes for the August 14, 2017 Council Meeting

Consent Calendar

4. Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing the Submittal of a Financial
Assistance Application to the United States Bureau of Reclamation for
the WaterSMART: Title XVI Water Recycling Projects Under the WIIN
Act and to Enter Into a Financing Agreement Under the Program

5. Approval of a Multi-year Contract With Abbe and Associates in the
Amount of $499,016 for Technical Support for the Zero Waste Program
That Includes; a Waste Characterization Study, an Update to the Zero
Waste Operational Plan, and Refuse Management Contracting

6. Acceptance of the Hewlett Foundation Grant, National Endowment for
the Arts Grant, and Code:ART Private Contributions; and Approve a
Budget Amendment in the General Fund and Public Art Fund

7. Adoption of Three Resolutions Approving the Submission and
Management of Three Grants to the California Natural Resources
Agency for Junior Museum and Zoo Exhibits, Baylands Boardwalk and
Trail Signage and Interpretation

8. Adoption of a Resolution Amending Utility Rate Schedules G-1
(Residential Gas Service), G-2 (Residential Master-metered and
Commercial Gas Service), G-3 (Large Commercial Gas Service), and
G-10 (Compressed Natural Gas Service) to Reflect the Carbon Offset
Charge, as Adopted by City Council in the Carbon Neutral Gas Plan,
and Terminate PaloAltoGreen Gas Schedules G-1-G, G-2-G, G-3-G,
and G-10-G

Q and A

9. Approval of an Agreement With the County of Santa Clara Providing $3.2 Million in Transportation Impact Fees for the Design, Review, and Construction of Improvements at the Intersections of Page Mill Road/
Hanover Street and Page Mill Road/El Camino Real; and Approval of an Associated Budget Amendment in the Stanford Research Park/El Camino CS Zone Traffic Impact Fund

Q and A

10. Approval of Amendment Number 3 to Contract Number C15156501
With SP Plus in the Amount of $16,335 for Additional Services for
Parking Permits and On-site Customer Service; Approval of Amendment
Number 3 to Contract Number C15156763 With Serco, Inc. in the
Amount of $115,140 for Enforcement of Southgate Residential
Preferential Parking (RPP) District; and Approval of Amendment
Number 5 to Contract Number C15157271 With McGuire Pacific
Constructors in the Amount of $142,155 for Construction Services for
Southgate Residential Preferential Parking District (RPP)

Q and A

11. Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding With the Santa Clara
Valley Water District to Assess the Feasibility of Developing Water
Reuse Alternatives, and an Amendment to the Recycled Water Supply
Agreement With the City of Mountain View

12. Approval of Contract Number C18167808C With DeSilva Gates
Construction LP in the Amount of $9,243,797, Amendment Number 2
With Mead & Hunt, Inc. Contract Number C15155208B, and
Amendment Number 4 With C&S Engineers, Inc. Contract Number
C15155208A for the Airport Apron Reconstruction Capital
Improvements Program Project AP-16000; Adoption of a Resolution
Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Future Grant Agreements
Offered by the California Department of Transportation for Airport
Improvement Program Matching Grant Funds for Apron Reconstruction
at the Palo Alto Airport, and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute
Supporting Documents or Contracts Associated With the Application
and Acceptance of Said Grant Funds; Approval of a Budget
Amendment in the Airport Enterprise Fund; and Approval of Findings
that the Proposed Project is Exempt From Environmental Review under
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines 15301 and
15302 and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 1050.1F

13. Approval of a Contract With York Risk Services Group Inc. for up to
Five Years in a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $1,206,015 for
Workers’ Compensation Claims Administration Services

14. Vote to Endorse the Slate of Candidates for the Peninsula Division,
League of California Cities Executive Committee for 2017-18 and
Direct the City Clerk to Forward to Seth Miller, the Regional Public
Affairs Manager for the Peninsula Division, League of California Cities
the Completed Ballot for the City of Palo Alto

15. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Ordinance Authorizing an
Amendment to the Contract Between the City of Palo Alto and the
Board of Administration of the California Public Employees’ Retirement
System (PERS) to add Cost-sharing Pursuant to Government Code
Section 20516 (FIRST READING: August 14, 2017 PASSED: 9-0)



Action Items

18. Colleagues’ Memo From Council Members Dubois, Filseth, Holman, and Vice Mayor Kniss Regarding an Anti-idling Ordinance (AIO)



16. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of a Finding That the Fire Station No. 3
Replacement Project (CIP PE-15003) is “Substantially Complex” Under
Public Contract Code Section 7201 and Direction to Increase the
Retention Schedule From 5 Percent to 10 Percent



Inter-Governmental Legislative Items

19. Declaration of Support for SB 797 (Hill), a Bill Allowing Regional
Entities and Residents of Santa Clara, San Francisco, and San Mateo
Counties to Vote to Increase the Sales Tax by 1/8 Cent for Caltrain
Operations and Capital Purposes

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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