City Council

December 1st, 2014


Call to Order

Closed Session

1.  CONFERENCE WITH ATTORNEY/LEGAL COUNSEL Potential Litigation Relating to the Mitchell Park Library and Community Center Construction Significant Exposure to Litigation: 1 Potential Case Potential Initiation of Litigation: 1 Potential Case Authority: Government Code Section 54956.9

Special Orders of the Day

2. Proclamation for Marion Mandell, Vice-President of Oaxaca, Mexico Neighbors Abroad of Palo Alto




Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments

Oral Communications

Minutes Approval

October 6, 2014

October 20, 2014

October 27, 2014

November 3, 2014




Consent Calendar

3. Adoption of a Resolution Amending the Conflict of Interest Code for Designated City Officers and Employees as Required by the Political Reform Act and Regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission and Repealing Resolution No. 9299

4. Policy and Services Committee Recommendation to Accept the Auditor’s Office Quarterly Report as of September 30, 2014

5. Affirm Director of Planning and Community Environment’s Individual Review Approval of a New Two-Story Home located at 1066 Metro Circle

6. Palo Alto Shuttle and Rideshare Program for the Future (Staff Requests Item be Continued to February 2, 2015)

7. Approval of and Authorization for the City Manager to Execute Two Professional Services Contracts with Columbia Telecommunications dba CTC Technology & Energy for Consulting Services for (1) a Fiber- to-the-Premise Master Plan in the Amount of $144,944 and (2) a Complementary Wireless Network Plan in the Amount of $131,650; and Adoption of Budget Amendment Ordinance for FY 2015 to Provide Appropriation in the Amount of $276,594 from Fiber Optics Fund

8. Adoption of a Resolution Suspending City Policy Against Requiring Prevailing Wage, Unless and Until SB 7 is Enjoined or Invalidated

9. Approval of a Contract with Susan Narduli in the Amount of $174,477 for the Development, Design, Fabrication and Installation of an Interactive New Media Artwork to be Installed in the Lobby of City Hall

10. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Ordinance Repealing the Prohibition on Human Habitation of Vehicles (Ordinance No. 5206, codified as Palo Alto Municipal Code Section 9.06.010) (First Reading: November 17, 2014 PASSED: 7-1 Klein no, Holman absent)

11. Approval of a Junior Museum and Zoo Environmental Review Services Funding Agreement Between the City of Palo Alto and the Friends of the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, Inc.; Approval of a Contract with David J. Powers & Associates, Inc. In an Amount not to Exceed $114,565 for the Rinconada Park Master Plan and Junior Museum & Zoo Environmental Assessment; and Adoption of a Budget Amendment Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2015 to Provide an Additional Appropriation in the Amount of $114,565 for the Rinconada Park Master Plan and Design Project (CIP PE-12003) Partially Offset with a Contribution in the Amount of $57,283 from the Friends of the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, Inc.




Action Items

12. Approval of the Proposed Grocery Store Tenant (College Terrace Market) Within PC 5069 (College Terrace Centre) Based on the Finding that the Proposed Grocery Tenant Would Likely be Comparable in Quality of Products and Services as JJ&F as it Existed and Operated on December 7, 2009 at 2180 El Camino Real (Continued from November 17, 2014)




13. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of an Ordinance Establishing a Citywide Framework for Establishment of Neighborhood-Specific Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Districts

14. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of a Resolution Establishing a Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Program in the Downtown Neighborhoods

Inter-Governmental Legislative Affairs

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements




Closed Session

16. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS City Representatives: City Manager and his designees pursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations (James Keene, Lalo Perez, Joe Saccio, Kathryn Shen, Sandra Blanch, Walter Rossmann, Khashayar “Cash” Alaee ) Unrepresented Employee Group: Management, Professional and Confidential Employees Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6

17. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS City Representatives: Sherry Lund, CAO Committee (Chair Person, Council Members) Unrepresented Employees: James Keene, City Manager, Molly Stump, City Attorney Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6


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