City Council

October 25th, 2021


Call to Order

Study Session

1. 1033 Amarillo Avenue (21PLN-00212): Request for Pre-screening of a Proposal by APIC Amarillo Avenue LLC for Zoning Code Text Amendments to Allow for the Subdivision of one 20,787 sf Singlefamily Residential (R-1) Zoned Parcel into Four Parcels, as well as Demolition of Four Residential Units to Develop Eight Dwelling units (Four Main residences and Four ADUs). Environmental Assessment: Not a Project. Zoning District: R-1.

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2. 660 University Ave [21PLN-00199]: Request for a Planned Home Zoning Pre-screening by KSH Architects, to Combine Three Parcels (511 Byron St, 660 University Ave, 680 University Ave/500 Middlefield Rd), Demolish Existing Buildings (9,215 SF Office) and Construct a Four Story Mixed-Use Building with Ground Floor Office (9,115 SF) and Multi-Family Residential (70 units) and a Two Level Below-Grade Parking Garage. Environmental Assessment: Not a Project; any Subsequent Formal Application Would be Subject to CEQA Review. Zoning District: RM-20 (Low Density Multiple-Family Residence District).

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Agenda Changes, and Deletions

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Consent Calendar

3. Approval of Minutes From the September 27, 2021 City Council Meeting.

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At-places Memo

4. Approval of Contract Number C21181509 with SCS Field Services in an Amount Not to Exceed $370,809 to Provide Landfill Gas Monitoring and Reporting Services for a Period of Three Years.

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Action Items

5. Discuss the Preliminary Q1 FY 2022 Financial Status and Approve the following: 1) FY 2022 Budget Amendments in Various Funds, 2) Amendment to the Utilities Management and Professional Association of Palo Alto Salary Schedule, and 3) Amendments to the FY 2022 Table of Organization to Add 4.00 FTE Positions.

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7. Public Hearing: Consider Adoption of Two Ordinances Implementing the Objective Standards Project, Including:1) New Chapter 18.24, Objective Design Standards, to Replace Existing Context-Based Design Criteria; 2) Modifications to Affordable Housing (AH) and Workforce Housing (WH) Overlay Districts to Eliminate the Legislative Process; 3) Expansion of Affordable Housing (AH) and Housing Incentive Program (HIP) to PTOD-Eligible Properties; 4) Changes to Remove Inconsistencies and Redundancies, and Streamline Project Review Throughout Title 18 Chapters CONTINUED FROM OCTOBER 4, 2021. – MOVED TO NOVEMBER 8, 2021

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6. Direction to Engage the Sobrato Organization Regarding Future Uses of the 340 Portage/3200 Park site; Alternatively, Adopt a Formal Interpretation of PAMC Section 18.70.070(b)(2)(E). Environmental Analysis: Not a Project In Accordance With CEQA Guidelines.

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