City Council

October 5th, 2020


Call to Order

Study Session

1. 2951 El Camino Real [20PLN-00158]: Pre-screening of a Proposal to Rezone the Subject Property From CS (Service Commercial) and R-1 (Single-Family Residential) to Planned Home Zoning (PHZ) and Redevelop the Site With a Mixed-use Development That Includes Approximately 119 new Residential Units, 5,000 Square Feet of Office Space, and 1,000 Square Feet of Retail Space. Environmental Assessment: not a Project and any Subsequent Formal Application Would be Subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Zoning District: CS (Service Commercial) and R-1 (Single-Family).



Agenda Changes, and Deletions 

Oral Communications



Minutes Approval

2. Approval of Action Minutes for the September 21, 2020 City Council Meeting

Consent Calendar

3. Adoption of a Resolution Approving and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute the Professional Services Agreement Between the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) and the Cities of Palo Alto and Santa Clara for Electric Transmission, Generation and Regulatory Consulting Services, on Behalf of the City of Palo Alto, in an Amount Not-to-Exceed $821,875 Through October 31, 2025.

4. Approval of Fiscal Year 2020 Reappropriation Requests to be Carried Forward Into Fiscal Year 2021 and Budget Amendments in Various Funds.

5. Review and Approval of the 2020 Annual Williamson Act Contract Renewals Within Palo Alto City Limits.

6. Approval of Amendment Number 1 to Contract Number C20176363 With Magellan Advisors, LLC for an Integrated Fiber Expansion Approach and Acceleration of the Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) Business Case, and to Increase Compensation by $285,065 for a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $497,576.


7. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Ordinance Amending Section 18.18.090 (Parking and Loading) of Chapter 18.18 (Downtown Commercial District) of Title 18 (Zoning) of the Palo Alto Municipal Code (PAMC) to Temporarily Extend Ineligibility of Certain Uses to Participate in the University Avenue In-lieu Parking Program (FIRST READING: May 11, 2020 PASSED: 4-3).




City Manager Comments



Action Items

8. PUBLIC HEARING/LEGISLATIVE: Adoption of Several Ordinances Regarding Accessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units Amending Palo Alto Municipal Code Titles 16 (Building) and 18 (Zoning); Amendments Include Repealing Section 18.42.040 (Accessory and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units) and Adding a new Chapter 18.09 (Accessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units); and Updating Chapters 18.04 (Definitions), 16.58 (Development Impact Fees), 16.04 (California Building Code), 16.06 (California Residential Code), and 16.14 (California Green Building Standards Code). Environmental Assessment: Exempt From Review Under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21080.17 and CEQA Guidelines Sections 15061(b)(3), 15282(h), 15301, 15302 and 15305 (CONTINUED FROM AUGUST 17, 2020).




9. Approval of an Extension of the Pilot Phase of the Old Palo Alto Residential Preferential Parking Program (RPP) for a Period of Twelve Months (CONTINUED FROM SEPTEMBER 14, 2020).



10. Review and Discussion of the City of Palo Alto’s Public Art Program, and Direct Staff to Either Amend the Municipal Code to Temporarily Suspend the One Percent for Public Art in Municipal Projects and/or Private Development Projects for two Years, or Provide Other Direction to Staff.



Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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