City Council

November 14th, 2022


Call to Order


1. CONFERENCE WITH CITY ATTORNEY Subject: Written Liability Claim Against the City of Palo Alto By Steven and Catherine Popell (Claim No. C23-0007) Authority: Government Code Section 54956.9(e)(3)

2. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS City Designated Representatives: City Manager and his Designees Pursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations (Ed Shikada, Kiely Nose, Sandra Blanch, Nicholas Raisch, Molly Stump, and Terence Howzell) Employee Organization: Service Employees International Union, (SEIU) Local 521, Utilities Management and Professional Association of Palo Alto (UMPAPA)Palo Alto Peace Officer’s Association (PAPOA), Palo Alto Police Management Association (PMA), International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) local 1319, Palo Alto Fire Chiefs Association (FCA),; Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6 (a)




3. Bi-Annual Discussion with the Independent Police Auditor


Public Letters

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Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions



Public Comment



Consent Calendar

4. Approval of Contract Amendment Number 3 to Contract Number C16166822 with ARC Document Solutions for Copiers/Printers to Extend the Term of the Contract for Three Additional Years and to Decrease the Annual Amount by $102,068 to $306,000 Per Year and a Total Contract Not to Exceed amount of $2,835,340

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5. Approval of a Construction Contract with Anderson Pacific Engineering Construction in the Amount of $6,070,000; Authorization for the City Manager or Their Designee to Negotiate and Execute Change Orders up to a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $607,000; Approval of Amendment #1 to Contract Number C21176592C with Carollo Engineers to Add Services, to Increase Compensation by $604,246 for a New Maximum Compensation Not-toExceed $604,247 for the Wastewater Treatment Fund for the 12kV Electrical Power Distribution Loop Rehabilitation Bid Package 1 Project funded by the Plant Repair, Retrofit, and Equipment Replacement Project (WQ-19002) at the Regional Water Quality Control Plant.


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6. SECOND READING: Adoption of Nine Ordinances That Repeal and Adopt Various Sections of the Palo Alto Municipal Code (PAMC) Related to the 2022 CA Building Codes (CA Code of Regulations Title 24) Update and Proposed Local Amendments; including: (1) Chapter 15.04 Incorporating the 2022 CA Fire Code With Local Amendments; (2) Chapter 16.04 Incorporating the 2022 CA Building Code With Local Amendments; (3) Chapter 16.05 Incorporating the 2022 CA Mechanical Code With Local Amendments; (4) Chapter 16.06 Incorporating the 2022 CA Residential Code With Local Amendments and Amending Chapter 16.52 to Align Federal, State, and Local Flood Hazard Regulations; (5) Chapter 16.08 Incorporating the 2022 CA Plumbing Code With Local Amendments; (6) Chapter 16.16 Incorporating the 2022 CA Electrical Code With Local Amendments; (7) Chapter 16.18 Incorporating the 2021 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code With Local Amendments; (8) Chapter 16.14 Incorporating the 2022 CA Green Building Standards Code with Local Amendments; (9) Chapter 16.17 Incorporating the 2022 CA Energy Code Without Local Amendments. Environmental Assessment: Project is Exempt Under CA Environmental Quality Act CEQA Guidelines Sections 15061(b)(3) and 15308 (FIRST READING: October 17, 2022 PASSED: 7-0).

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7. Adoption of a Resolution for the Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Grant Program Authorizing the Application and Receipt of Grant Funds by the City of Palo Alto for the Roth Building (300 Homer Ave) Windows Rehabilitation & Restoration.

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City Manager Comments





8. PUBLIC HEARING: Staff Recommend the City Council Review the North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan (NVCAP) Refined Preferred Alternative, Take Public Comment, and Endorse the Refined Preferred Alternative Plan. (Continued from October 24, 2022).


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9. City Council discussion and direction regarding wage requirements for the contract for next Janitorial services

A. Review and Provide Direction on Wage and Benefits Requirements for Inclusion in a New Janitorial Services Request for Proposal (RFP)

B. Responsible Contracting Standards Colleague’s Memo (Stone & Burt)


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