City Council

June 19th, 2018


Call to Order

Oral Communications

Action Items

1. Council Rail Committee Recommends the City Council Move Forward With the Community Engagement Plan as Developed by Staff and AECOM Including the Creation of a Community Advisory Panel. 



2. Discussion and Potential Action to Further Narrow Possible Grade Separation Alternatives including Rail Committee Recommendation to the City Council to Further Define the Grade Separations for Further Study in the Following Ways:  MEMO

a. Eliminate Churchill Avenue Hybrid (CAH) idea from consideration;

b. Eliminate Churchill Avenue Reverse Hybrid (CAR) idea from consideration;

c. Break out Churchill Avenue closure option into full closure and partial closure;

d. Remove the language regarding widening Embarcadero Road underpass from description of Churchill Avenue crossing closed (CAX) idea; and

e. Add to Churchill Avenue crossing closed (CAX) idea, “study additional options for addressing traffic in the Embarcadero Road underpass area.

3. Verbal Update on Interagency Activities


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