City Council

February 10th, 2020


Call to Order

Special Orders of the Day

1. Proclamation Honoring the 100th Anniversary of the League of Women Voters of Palo Alto

2. Recognition of the Firefighters who Responded to the Sonoma County and Ventura County Fires in 2019. – THIS ITEM HAS BEEN POSTPONED



Closed Session

3. CONFERENCE WITH CITY ATTORNEY-EXISTING LITIGATION Subject: ABG-PACT Owner v. City of Palo Alto et al. Santa Clara County Superior Court, Case No. 19cv352355 Authority: Government Code Section 54956.9 (d)(1).

4. CONFERENCE WITH CITY ATTORNEY-EXISTING LITIGATION Subject: Written Liability Claim Against the City of Palo Alto By Julio Arevalo (Claim No. C19-0112) Authority: Government Code Section 54956.9 (e)(3).



Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

Oral Communications



Minutes Approval 

5. Approval of Action Minutes for the January 27, 2020 Council Meeting

Consent Calendar

6. Approval of two Professional Services Agreements for On-call Construction Inspection Services for Water, Gas, Wastewater Collection, and Electric Utility Capital Improvement Projects With: 1) 4Leaf, Inc. (C20176888A) for a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $2,000,000; and 2) Park Engineering, Inc. (C20176888B) for a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $1,000,000, for a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $3,000,000 for up to Five Years. Q&A

7. Approval of Amendment Number 2 to Contract Number S16163447 With Brad Horak Consulting for Public Safety Network and Wireless Consulting Services to Increase the Amount by $40,000 for a new Not-to-Exceed Amount of $140,000. Q&A. MEMO

8. Adoption of an Ordinance Dedicating 0.64 Acres of Land Adjacent to 3350 Birch Street to Become Part of Boulware Park.

9. Adoption of a Resolution Amending the Administrative Penalty Schedule to add Penalties Related to Planned Community (PC) Ordinance Number 5069/Title 18 (Zoning).



City Manager Comments



Action Item

10. TEFRA HEARING Regarding Conduit Financing for Palo Alto Housing Corporation, on Behalf of the Wilton ECR, L.P. Project Located at 3703-3709 El Camino Real, Palo Alto; and Approving the Issuance of Revenue Bonds by the California Municipal Finance Authority for the Purpose of Financing the Acquisition, Development, Construction and Equipping of a 59-unit Multifamily Rental Housing Facility for Lowincome Households and Other Matters Relating Thereto.



11. Council Appointed Officers’ Committee Recommendation That Council Discuss and Accept the Report “Internal Auditing Practices: City of Palo Alto Relative to Industry Practices” and Provide Direction on Next Steps (Continued From January 21, 2020).



12. Review the Preferred Alternative Concept Plan for San Antonio Road and East Charleston Road Intersection and Direct Staff to Initiate and Complete Final Design Plans, Environmental Analysis, Specifications and Estimates for Construction. Q&A



13. Adoption of a Resolution Scheduling the City Council Summer Break and Winter Closure for 2020.



Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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