City Council

February 24th, 2020


Call to Order

Closed Session

1. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS City Designated Representatives: City Manager and his Designees Pursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations (Ed Shikada, Rumi Portillo, Sandra Blanch, Nicholas Raisch, Molly Stump, Terence Howzell, and Kiely Nose) Employee Organization: (1) Utilities Management and Professional Association of Palo Alto (UMPAPA) Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6 (a).



Study Session

2. Study Session on Community Policing. Q&A



Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

Oral Communications



Minutes Approval 

3. Approval of Action Minutes for the February 1, 3, and 10, 2020 Council Meetings

Consent Calendar

4. Approval of Contract Number C20175301 With S. Groner and Associates, Inc. in the Amount of $296,000 for Graphic Design and Public Outreach Services for Public Works Watershed Protection. Q&A

5. Approval of Amendment Number 1 to Contract Number C18169791 With BKF Engineers to Increase the Third Year Funding by $150,000 and Extend the Contract Term for an Additional two Years at $300,000 per Year, for a new Not-to-Exceed Total of $1,200,000 to Provide Surveying and Design Services.

6. Approval of Contract Number C20176783 With AECOM Technical Services, Inc. for Professional Services Related to the 2020 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (S/CAP) Update and SB743 Implementation in the Amount of $573,228; and Approval of an Exemption From Competitive Solicitation for SB743 Scope of Work. Q&A

7. Approval of a Three-year Agreement With Insight Public Sector for Citywide Microsoft Licensing, Utilizing the County of Riverside Agreement, in the Annual Amount of $497,486 and a Contingency of ten Percent in the Annual Amount of $49,748, for a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $547,234. Q&A

8. Approval of a Blanket Purchase Order With Oldcastle Infrastructure, Inc., as the City’s Standard Supplier of Certain Equipment for the Utility’s Electric Underground System, in an Annual Amount of $350,000 for a Total Purchase Amount of $1,600,000 Over the Next 4.5 Years.

9. Approval to Acquire Replacement Pre-hospital Monitors/Defibrillators for Emergency Responses in a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $709,644 for Fiscal Years 2020-2026. Q&A

10. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Interim Ordinance Amending Title 18 (Zoning) of the Palo Alto Municipal Code to Temporarily Allow Overnight Safe Parking on Sites in all Zoning Districts With a Church or Religious Institution; Establishing Related Regulations, and Finding the Ordinance Exempt From the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Under Guidelines Section 15301 (FIRST READING: January 13, 2020, PASSED 7-0).

11. Approval of the Appointment of Council Member Kniss as the Alternate to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Group 2 Cities Working Group. Q&A



City Manager Comments



Action Item

12. Evaluation of the Neighborhood Traffic Safety and Bicycle Boulevard Phase 1 Project, Including; Acceptance of Findings Regarding Increasing Bicycle Usage, Affirmation or Approval of Project Modifications, Affirmation of Planned Education Activities, and Process to Update Community Engagement; and Acknowledgement of Associated Actions by Staff.



13. Update From the Ad hoc Committee (Vice Mayor DuBois and Council Member Cormack) on Boards and Commissions and Potential Next Steps.



Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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