City Council

February 25th, 2019


Call to Order

Closed Session

1. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS City Designated Representatives: City Manager and his Designees Pursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations (Ed Shikada, Michelle Flaherty, Rumi Portillo, Sandra Blanch, Nicholas Raisch, Molly Stump, Terence Howzell, and Kiely Nose) Employee Organization: Service Employees International Union,(SEIU) Local 521 Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6 (a).

2. CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS Authority: Government Code Section 54956.8 Property: Vacant Land, 3350 Birch Street, Palo Alto, CA Assessor’s Parcel No. 132-33-050
Agency Negotiators: Ed Shikada, Kiely Nose, and Sunny Tong Negotiating Parties: Pacific Bell Telephone Co. Under Negotiation: Purchase Price and Terms of Payment.



Special orders of the Day

3. Adoption of a Resolution Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation to Robert de Geus for two Decades of Exceptional Public Service to the Palo Alto Community.



Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments



Oral Communications



Minutes Approval

4. Approval of Action Minutes for the February 2, 4, and 11, 2019 Council Meetings.

Consent Calendar

5. Approval of Amendment Number 1 to Contract Number C16166822 With ARC Document Solutions for Copiers/Printers to Increase the Annual Amount by $41,000 to add Utilities Bill Printing and Other Departments for a new Annual Not-to-Exceed Amount of $408,068. Q&A

6. Approval of the Second Extension of the Pilot Phase of the Southgate Residential Preferential Parking Program for a Period of Six Months.

7. Finance Committee Recommends the City Council Adopt a Resolution Declaring Intention to Reimburse Expenditures Related to the Four Capital Improvement Projects From the Proceeds of the Bonds to be Issued by the City for Wastewater Treatment Fund for a Not-to-Exceed
Amount of $85 millionQ&A

8. Issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an Evaluation of Organizational and Resource Options for the City Auditor’s Office and Refer to the Council Appointed Officers Committee Evaluation of the RFP Results and Development of Recommendations to the Council.

9. Appointment of Council Member Alison Cormack to the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency and the Bay Area Regional Water System Financing Authority.

10. SECOND READING: Ordinance of the Council of the City of Palo Alto Amending Chapter 18.18 (Downtown Commercial District) of Title 18 (Zoning) of the Palo Alto Municipal Code (PAMC) to Repeal Section 18.18.040 Relating to a Nonresidential Square Footage Cap in the CD Downtown Commercial Zoning District to Implement and Conform to the Updated Comprehensive Plan 2030 (FIRST READING: February 11, 2019 PASSED: 4-3 DuBois, Filseth, Kou no).

11. Adoption of the Urban Forest Master Plan Second EditionMEMO

11A. Approval of an Exemption from Competitive Solicitation, Approval of a Contract With Swatt Miers Architects Inc. in an Amount Not-toExceed $397,725 for Design Services for the Animal Shelter, and Authorization for the City Manager to Purchase a Modular Building from Vendor Design Space Modular in an Amount Not-to-Exceed $300,000 for the Animal Shelter Renovation, Capital Improvement Program Project, PE-19002Q&A



Action Items

12. PUBLIC HEARING/QUASI-JUDICIAL: 285 Hamilton Avenue [18PLN-00006]: Recommendation on Applicant’s Request for a Text Amendment to Title 18 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code to Allow for Minor Increases in Height and Floor Area to Provide Access to Roof-top Decks on Existing Structures in the Commercial Downtown (Community) CD-C Subdistrict, as well as a Conditional Use Permit and Architectural Review for a 2,600 Square Foot Roof-top Deck on the Roof of the Existing Commercial Building at 285 Hamilton Avenue. The Planning and Transportation Commission Reviewed and Recommended Approval (4-2) of the Text Amendment and Conditional Use Permit at a Public Hearing on October 10, 2018. Environmental Assessment: Exempt per Sections 15301 and 15305 of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines. Zone District: CD-C(GF)(P) (Continued From November 19, 2018).



13. Authorize the City Manager to Explore, Negotiate and Potentially Submit an Offer to Purchase Property at 3350 Birch Street (Assessor’s Parcel No. 132-33-050).



State/Federal Legislation Update/Action

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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