City Council

April 1st, 2019


Call to Order

  1. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS City Designated Representatives: City Manager and his Designees Pursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations (Ed Shikada, Michelle Flaherty, Rumi Portillo, Sandra Blanch, Nicholas Raisch, Molly Stump, Terence Howzell, and Kiely Nose) Employee Organization: (1) Utilities Management and Professional Association of Palo Alto (UMPAPA); (2) Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Local 521; (3) Police Officers’ Association of Palo Alto (PAPOA); (4) Palo Alto Police Managers’ Association (PMA); (5) International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), Local 1319; and (6) Palo Alto Fire Chiefs’ Association (FCA) Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6 (a).



Special Orders of the Day

2. Adoption of a Resolution Expressing Appreciation to Jim Amores Upon his Retirement.



3. Proclamation Honoring National Library Week.



Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments



Oral Communications



Consent Calendar

4. Approval of Contract Number C19173514 With SP Plus in an Amount Not-to-Exceed $900,000 for Ambassador and Valet Parking Services in Palo Alto Garages and Surface Lots. Q&A

5. Approval of Contract Number C19174153 With Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc. in an Amount of $633,456 for the Colorado Power Station High Voltage Circuit Breaker Implementation as Part of the Colorado Power Station Equipment Upgrade Capital Project (EL-19001); Authorization to Negotiate and Execute Related Change Orders in the Amount of $95,018 for a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $728,474; and Approval of Budget Amendments in the Electric Fund. Q&A

6. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Ordinance Amending Various Sections of Title 18 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code Related to Residential and Mixed-use Development Standards Including, but not Limited to, Minimum and Maximum Unit Density, Unit Size, Floor Area Ratio, Height, and Open Space, Including Rooftop Gardens; Parking Requirements Including, but not Limited to, Regulations Related to In-lieu Parking for Downtown Commercial Office Uses and Retail Parking for Mixed-use Projects; Exclusively Residential Projects in Certain Commercial Zoning Districts; Ground-floor Retail and Retail Preservation Provisions; the Entitlement Approval Process; and Other Regulations Governing Residential, Multi-family Residential and Commercial Zoning Districts, all to Promote Housing Development Opportunities in These Zoning Districts in Furtherance of Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA): Determination of Consistency With the Comprehensive Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR), Certified and Adopted on November 13, 2017 by Council Resolution Number 9720. The Planning and Transportation Commission Recommended Approval of the Proposed Ordinance on October 10, 2018 (FIRST READINGS: December 3, 2018 and January 28, 2019: PASSED).



Action Items

7. PUBLIC HEARING/QUASI-JUDICIAL: 3200 El Camino Real [17PLN-00156]: Consideration of an Applicant’s Request to Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Setback Map to Eliminate the 50-foot Special Setback for the Subject Property Adjacent to Hansen Way; and Consideration of a Request for Approval of an Architectural Review Board Application Allowing the Demolition of the Existing Building and Construction of a new 99-Guestroom Hotel Development. The Request Also Includes a Reduction in Parking to be Off-set by Valet Parking. Environmental Assessment: An Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration was Circulated for Public Comment From December 4, 2018 to January 3, 2019. The Planning and Transportation Commission Recommended Adoption of the Applicant’s Proposed Map Amendment on December 12, 2018. Zoning District: Service Commercial (CS). MEMO



8. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of an Ordinance Amending Section 18.18.120 (Grandfathered Uses and Facilities) of the Palo Alto Municipal Code to Adjust Regulations Pertaining to Noncomplying Facilities. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA): This Ordinance is Within the Scope of the Comprehensive Plan. Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Certified and Adopted on November 13, 2017 by Council Resolution Number 9720; the Ordinance is Also Exempt From Environmental Review Under CEQA Guidelines Sections 15061(b)(3) and 15305.



State/Federal Legislation Update/Action

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements 


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