City Council

April 13th, 2020


Call to Order

Special Action Item

  1. Update and Discussion of the COVID-19 Health Emergency and the City’s Response – Verbal Report, No Written Staff Report

Public Comment



Study Session

2. Annual Earth Day Report Study Session



Agenda Changes, and Deletions 

Oral Communications



Consent Calendar

3. PUBLIC HEARING: Approval of a Finding That the Public Safety Building Project (CIP PE-15001) is “Substantially Complex” Under Public Contract Code Section 7201 and Direction to Increase the Retention Schedule From Five Percent to Ten Percent.

3A. Council Delegation of its Authority to the Council Appointed Officers to Authorize Emergency Leave of Absence With Pay to Address the Workforce Needs to Respond to COVID-19, for a Period Not to Extend Beyond the Pay Period Including June 30,2020, Per the City Merit System Rules and Regulations, Section 808.

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City Manager Comments

Action Item

4. Review the 2020 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (S/CAP) Update Process and Accept the 2020-2021 Sustainability Work Plan (Continued From March 23, 2020).

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Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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