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May 13th, 2020


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A. FY 2020/21 Budget Hearing – Continued From May 12, 2020 Budget Hearing– Council will Continue its Discussion of the Upcoming Fiscal Year Operating and Capital budgets, Utility Rates, and Proposed Municipal Fee Schedule.

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1. May 12th Budget Hearing Continuation a. Community and Library Services Operating Budget b. Approval of the Preliminary Operating Plan and new Municipal Fees for the Junior Museum and Zoo.





2. Discussion of Fiscal Year 2021 Proposed Municipal Fee Schedule Amendments




3. Planning and Transportation Services Operating and Capital Budgets (Including Respective Special Revenue Funds) a. Planning and Development Services b. Office of Transportation





4. Infrastructure and Environment a. Utilities Department- Operating and Capital i. Electric Fund ii. Fiber Optics Fund iii. Gas Fund iv. Wastewater Collection Fund v. Water Fund b. Public Works Department- Operating and Capital i. Airport Fund ii. Refuse Fund iii. Stormwater Management Fund iv. Vehicle Replacement Fund v. Wastewater Treatment Fund.




5. Internal Service Departments and Council Appointed Officers Operating Budgets a. Administrative Services b. Human Resources c. Information Technology d. City Attorney’s Office e. City Auditor’s Office f. City Clerk’s Office g. City Manager’s Office h. City Council.




6. Discussion and Direction to Staff Regarding the Establishment of a Pension Funding Policy and Approval of Amendment Number 1 to Contract Number C15159278 to Increase Compensation by $97,675 for Additional Actuarial Consultant Services for a new Total Not-To-Exceed Amount of $230,000.

7. May 11, 12, and 13th Budget Hearing Wrap-up Discussion


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