City Council

May 23rd, 2022


Call to Order

Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

Public Comment



Consent Calendar

1. Approve Minutes from the May 09, 2022 City Council Meeting

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2. Approval of Contract Number C21179569 with Brown Reynolds Watford Architects for an Amount Not-to-Exceed $797,178 to Provide Architectural Design Services for the Fire Station No. 4 Replacement – Capital Improvement Program Project PE-18004.

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3. Approval of 1) Increase of Construction Contingency for Contract No. C20174550 with Granite Construction in the Amount of $185,302; and 2) Budget Amendments in the Electric Fund for the Electric Customer Connection project (EL-89028), the Fiber Optics Fund for the Fiber Optics Network–System Improvements project (FO-10001), and the Capital Improvement Fund for the Highway 101 Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass project (PE-11011).

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4. Approval of Contract No. C22183901 with Genuine Parts Company dba Napa Auto Parts for an Amount Not-to-Exceed $2,306,433 for an OnSite Fleet Parts and Inventory Program for a Three-Year Term from January 24, 2022 through January 23, 2025, with Pricing Set by Cooperative Sourcewell Contract No. 110520 with Genuine Auto Parts Company dba Napa Integrated Business Solutions; and Approve and Authorize the City Manager or Their Designee to Execute an Amendment to Contract No. C22183901 to Extend the Term for up to One Additional Year through January 24, 2026 (Provided that the Cooperative Sourcewell Contract is Extended for an Additional Year) for an Additional Amount Not to Exceed $831,227 (Annual Amount Is Subject to Adjustment Provided the Total Contract Amount Is Not Exceeded), for a Total Not to Exceed Amount of the Contract, if Extended, of $3,137,660.

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5. Adoption of a Resolution of Intent to Not Levy Assessments for the Business Improvement District (BID) in FY2023, and Setting Public Hearing for June 6, 2022.

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6. Approval of the Acceptance of State of California Citizens Options for Public Safety (COPS) Funds of $103,648 and a Budget Amendment in the Supplemental Law Enforcement Services Fund.

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7. Adoption of a Resolution Certifying Compliance with the California Surplus Land Act as Required by MTC’s One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) Grant Programs.

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8. Authorize the City Manager to Commit Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) from the City’s Affordable Housing Funds for the Affordable Housing Project at 525 E. Charleston Avenue.

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9. Adoption of a Resolution Authorizing a City Grant Application for the State Local Housing Trust Fund Program, Designation of Affordable Housing Funds as Local Matching Funds, Commitment to Targeting the Grant and Local Matching Funds, Approval of Grant Specific Underwriting and Other Financial Standards, and Authorization of City Manager or Designee to Manage the Grant.

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10. Approval of Amendment Number 2 to Contract Number C17164727 with Professional Account Management, LLC. for Parking Citation Processing and Collections to Extend the Term and Increase the Amount by $70,000, for a new Not-To-Exceed Total of $720,000.

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11. Approval of Amendment #4 to Contract C18171057 with AECOM and Extend the Term to April 2024 and Increase the Not-to-Exceed Compensation by $722,170 for Additional Studies of Railroad Grade Separation Alternatives for a Total Not-to-Exceed of $3,596,828.

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12. SECOND READING: Review and provide feedback on the proposed permanent parklet standards and program policies; and Adopt an interim ordinance and resolution to continue the pilot parklet program until December 31, 2022 (FIRST READING: May 9, 2022: PASSED 7-0).

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Action Items

13. 1310 Bryant Street (Castilleja School Project) PUBLIC HEARING/QUASI JUDICIAL/LEGISLATIVE: Certification of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Approval of Applications for (1) a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Amendment to Increase Student Enrollment Initially to 450 Students Followed by Phased Conditional Increases to 540 Students; (2) a Parking Adjustment to Enable On-Site Parking Reduction; (3) a Variance to Replace Campus Gross Floor Area; (4) Architectural Review of Campus Redevelopment. Additionally, (5) Adoption of a Zoning Text Amendment Exempting Some Below-Grade Parking Facilities from Gross Floor Area. Zone District: R-1(10,000). Environmental Review: Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Published July 30, 2020; Draft EIR Published July 15, 2019.


Public Letter

Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation

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