City Council

June 1st, 2021


Call to Order

Special Orders of the Day

1. Proclamation Honoring Gunn High School Football Coach Jason Miller.

2. Proclamation Honoring Gunn High School Titans Football Team



Study Session

3. Discussion of the Format for Meetings of the City Council and Other Public Bodies Potentially Beginning August 2021.




Agenda Changes, and Deletions



Oral Communications




Minutes Approval

4. Approval of Action Minutes for the May 17 and 18, 2021 City Council Meetings.

Consent Calendar

5. SECOND READING: Adoption of Ordinances Responding to State Housing Bills Regarding Density Bonus and Affordable Housing, Environmental Assessment: Exempt Pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3) (FIRST READING: May 18, 2021 PASSED: 7-0).



City Manager Comments



Action Items

6. Approval of the Tri-party Fire Agreement for Foothills Reserve Fire Station Staffing During Fire Season.



7. Discussion on the Scope of Economic Development and Resources Needed for Implementation; and Direction to Staff on the Desired Scope and Goals of Future Investment.




8. Adoption of an Ordinance Establishing Board and Commission Term Limits, Consolidating Recruitment to May of Each Year, and Codifying the Human Relations Commission’s Existing Role of Recommending Grant Funding.

Public Comment


9. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of a Resolution to Suspend Assessments for Fiscal Year 2022 for Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) (STAFF REQUESTS THIS ITEM BE CONTINUED TO JUNE 7, 2021).

B&C Handbook




Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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