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June 14th, 2021


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Minutes Approval

1. Approval of Action Minutes for the June 1, 2021 City Council Meeting

Consent Calendar

2. Approval of: 1) Construction Contract With Azulworks, Inc., in the Amount of $2,667,054 for the Palo Alto Fiscal Year 2021 Street Resurfacing Project (Capital Improvement Program Projects PE-86070, PE-09003, PE-21004, PO-12001, PO-89003, PL-04010, PL-05030, and OS-09001); 2) Authorization for the City Manager or his Designee to Negotiate and Execute Related Change Orders to the Contract With Azulworks, Inc. for Additional but Unforeseen Work That may Develop During the Project, Not-to-Exceed $266,706; and 3) Budget Amendments in the Capital Improvement Fund.


3. Approval of Contract Amendments to Extend Three Public-private Partnership Agreements Between the City of Palo Alto and TheatreWorks, Palo Alto Players, and West Bay Opera for the use of the Lucie Stern Community Theatre for an Additional Year.


4. Adoption of a Resolution to Enter Into a Cooperative Implementation Agreement With the California Department of Transportation for the Embarcadero Trash Capture Device Project.

5. Approval of Amendment Number 1 to Contract Number C19173445 With Charles Sowers Studios, LLC to Extend the Term of the Contract Through December 31, 2021 for the Fabrication and Installation of Artwork at the Junior Museum and Zoo.

6. Accept the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Third Quarter Financial Status Report and Approve the FY 2021 Budget Amendment in the General Fund.


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Action Items

7. Approval of Amendment Number One to Contract Number S20178065 With the OIR Group for Independent Police Auditing Services to Expand the Scope of Services and Increase the Contract Amount by $32,500 for a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $107,500.

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8. Request for City Council Interpretation Pursuant to Palo Alto Municipal Code Section 18.01.025 Related to Nonconforming Uses at the 340 Portage/3200 Park Site. Environmental Analysis: City Council Direction Regarding Interpretation of the Existing Code is not a Project, as Defined in Public Resources Code 21065.

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9. PUBLIC HEARING: Recommendation on the Preferred Plan Alternative for the North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan (NVCAP). The Planning and Transportation Commission and Staff Recommend the City Council Review the NVCAP Alternatives and Select Alternative Number 3B as the Preferred Alternative.

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