City Council

June 17th, 2019


Call to Order

Closed Session

  1. CONFERENCE WITH CITY ATTORNEY- EXISTING LITIGATION Subject: Gustavo Alvarez v. City of Palo Alto, et al. United States District Court, Northern District of California, Case No. 5:19-cv-02328-NC Authority: Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(1).


2. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS City Representatives: City Manager and his Designees Pursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations (Ed Shikada, Molly Stump, Kiely Nose, Rumi Portillo) Unrepresented Employee Group: Management, Professional and Confidential Employees Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6.



Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments

Minutes Approval

3. Approval of Action Minutes for the May 20, 2019 Council Meeting

Oral Communications



Consent Calendar

4. Approval of Contract Number C19174797 With Palo Alto Housing Corporation for the Provision of Below Market Rate (BMR) Administration Services for $290,000 Over a Two-year Period.

5. Approval of a Side Letter With the Palo Alto Peace Officers’ Association (PAPOA) Regarding Trainee pay Rates-administrative Cleanup.

6. Approval of an Exemption From Competitive Solicitation and Approval of Contract Number C19175498 With Integrated Design 360 for Development and Support of: 1) Sustainability Implementation Plan, 2) Green Building Program, 3) Deconstruction and Source Separation Program, 4) Dewatering Monitoring Program, and 5) Utilities On-call Services Through June 30, 2020 for a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $576,000.

7. Request for Authorization to Increase the Existing Legal Services Agreement With the Law Firm of Jarvis, Fay & Gibson for Litigation Defense Services by an Additional $200,000 for a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $695,000, and to Extend the Term of the Agreement to June 30, 2021.

8. SECOND READING: Adoption of a Park Improvement Ordinance for Pickleball Courts at Mitchell Park (FIRST READING: June 3, 2019, PASSED: 7-0).

7. Policy and Services Committee Recommends the City Council Accept the Code Enforcement Audit.

8. Finance Committee Recommends the City Council Accept the Macias Gini & O’Connell’s Audit of the City of Palo Alto’s Financial Statements as of June 30, 2018 and Management Letter.

9. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Ordinance Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Palo Alto for 2321 Wellesley Street to Change the Zoning From R-1 (Single Family Residential) to RMD (NP) (Two Unit Multiple-family Residential District With Neighborhood Preservation Overlay) Zoning District (FIRST READING: June 3, 2019, PASSED 7- 0).

Action Items

10. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of the Budget Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2020, Including Adoption of the Operating and Capital Budgets and the Municipal Fee Schedule. MEMO



11. PUBLIC HEARING & PROPOSITION 218 HEARING: Staff Recommendation That the City Council Adopt the Following Resolutions: Approving the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Electric Utility Financial Plan; Adopting an Electric Rate Increase and Amending Utility Rate Schedules E-1, E-2, E-2-G, E-4, E-4-G, E-4 TOU, E-7, E-7-G, E-7 TOU, E-14, E-EEC and E-NSE; Approving the FY 2020 Gas Utility Financial Plan; Adopting a Gas Rate Increase and Amending Utility Rate Schedules G-1, G-2, G-3 and G-10; Approving the FY 2020 Wastewater Collection Utility Financial Plan; Adopting a Wastewater Collection Rate Increase and Amending Utility Rate Schedules S-1, S2, S-6 and S-7; Approving the FY 2020 Water Utility Financial Plan; Adopting a Water Rate Increase and Amending Utility Rate Schedules W-1, W-2, W-3, W-4 and W-7; Amending Utility Rate Schedule D-1 to Increase Storm Drain Rates 4.5 Percent per Month per Equivalent Residential Unit for FY 2020; Adopting a Dark Fiber Rate Increase of 4.5 Percent; and Amending Utility Rate Schedules EDF-1 and EDF-2.



12. Adoption of a Resolution Amending Objective Standards for Wireless Communications Facilities in the Public Rights of Way (Continued From June 3, 2019) to Delete Inadvertently Added Language, Clarify Existing Standards, and Adopt an Interim Setback from Schools.

State/Federal Legislation Update/Action

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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