City Council

June 3rd, 2019


Call to Order

Closed Session

  1. CONFERENCE WITH CITY ATTORNEY- EXISTING LITIGATION Subject: Gustavo Alvarez v. City of Palo Alto, et al. United States District Court, Northern District of California, Case No. 5:19-cv-02328-NC Authority: Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(1).



Study Session 

2. Safe Routes to School Annual Update



Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments



Oral Communications



Minutes Approval

3. Approval of Action Minutes for the May 13, 2019 Council Meeting

Consent Calendar

4. Approval of Amendment Number 2 to Contract Number C16161210 With Shah Kawasaki Architects, Inc., in an Amount Not-to-Exceed $117,564 to Provide Continued Construction Administration and LEED Certification Services for the Fire Station 3 Replacement Project (PE-15003), for a new Total Not-To-Exceed Amount of $814,242. Q&A

5. Approval and Authorization for the City Manager to Execute a Fiber Optic Lease Agreement With Equinix LLC., for a Term Not-to-Exceed Five Years and a Total Not-to-Exceed Amount of $625,465. Q&A

6. Authorization for the City Manager to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for a $200,000 Grant of Funds With the State Homeland Security Grant Program via Santa Clara County for a Solar Generator to Support the Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC). Q&A

7. Adoption of a Park Improvement Ordinance for Pickleball Courts at Mitchell Park.

8. Preliminary Approval of the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) 2019-2020 Annual Report; Adoption of a Resolution Declaring an Intention to Levy an Assessment Against Businesses Within the BID for Fiscal Year 2020; and Setting a Time and Place for a Public Hearing to be Held by the City Council on the Levy of the Proposed Assessment. MEMO

9. QUASI-JUDICIAL.1210 Newell Road [18PLN-00289]: Recommendation by the Planning and Transportation Commission to Uphold the Director’s Tentative Decision to Deny a Variance Request to Allow for an Exception From the Standard Corner Lot Fence Height Regulations for a Fence of Approximately 7′ 5″ in the Front Yard, 8′ in the Rear Yard, and 7′ 5″ in the Street Yard, and no Reduced Height in the Sight Triangle for the Newell Road/Community Lane Intersection. Environmental Assessment: In Accordance With Guideline Section 15270, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Does not Apply to Projects That a Public Agency Disapproves. Zoning District: R-1 (Single-Family).

10. Policy and Services Committee Recommends the Council Accept the 2019-2020 Sustainability Work Plan.

11. Adoption of a Resolution Amending Objective Standards for Wireless Communications Facilities on Wood Utility Poles in the Public Rights of Way to Correct an Administrative Error.

12. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Ordinance Amending Title 16 (Building Regulations) of the Palo Alto Municipal Code to Require Management of PCBs During Building Demolition in Compliance With the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (FIRST READING: May 20, 2019 PASSED 7-0).

13. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Ordinance Amending Title 12 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code to set a 120 Day Statute of Limitations for Challenges to the City’s Gas Rates (FIRST READING: May 20, 2019 PASSED 7-0).



Action Items

14. Discussion and Direction Regarding the Cubberley Master Plan, Including a Request for Proposal for Development of the Cubberley Business Plan and Level of Housing for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Review.



15. PUBLIC HEARING / QUASI-JUDICIAL. 2321 Wellesley Street [18PLN-00178]: Request for a Zone Change From R-1 to RMD (NP) and Approval of a Major Architectural Review to Construct a Twofamily Residence. Environmental Assessment: Exempt From the Provisions of CEQA per Section 15303. Zoning District: R-1 (Singlefamily Residential).



16. Authorize and Approve $1 Million From the Residential Housing In-lieu Fund and $9 Million From the Commercial Housing Fund for a Total of $10 Million for the Development and Construction of the 100 Percent Affordable Housing Project at 3705 El Camino Real; and Approve Budget Amendments in the Residential Housing In-lieu Fund and the Commercial Housing Fund. MEMO MEMO



State/Federal Legislation Update/Action

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements

CONFERENCE WITH CITY ATTORNEY – ANTICIPATED LITIGATION Subject: 2555 Park Blvd Authority: Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(2) and (e)(3) (One Potential Case, as Defendant).


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