City Council

June 8th, 2020


Call to Order

Closed Session

A. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS City Designated Representatives: City Manager and his Designees Pursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations (Ed Shikada, Rumi Portillo, Molly Stump, Monique LeConge Ziesenhenne, Nick Raisch, Kiely Nose, Gina Roccanova) Employee Organizations: Utilities Management and Professional Association of Palo Alto (UMPAPA); Service Employees International Union, (SEIU) Local 521; Service Employees International Union, (SEIU) Local 521, Hourly Unit; Palo Alto Police Officers Association (PAPOA); Palo Alto Fire Chiefs’ Association (FCA) and Employee Organization: International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), Local 1319; Palo Alto Police Manager’s Association (PAPMA) Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6(a).



Rail Communications Update

1. Connecting Palo Alto Rail Grade Separation: Receive an Update From the Expanded Community Advisory Panel (XCAP).

Public Comment



Agenda Changes, and Deletions 

Oral Communications



Consent Calendar

2. Approval of Contract Number C20177976 With Granite Construction Company in the Amount of $2,006,813 for the Palo Alto Various Streets Resurfacing Project (STPL-5100(028)), Capital Improvements Program Street Maintenance Project (PE-86070).

3. Adoption of an Ordinance Dissolving the Library Advisory Commission by Amending Municipal Code Sections in Chapters 2.08 (Officers and Departments), 2.16 (Boards and Commissions Generally), and 2.24 (Library Advisory Commission).

4. Adoption of Amendments to the City of Palo Alto Tobacco Retailer Permit Ordinance (Palo Alto Municipal Code Chapter 4.64) to Further Restrict Electronic Cigarette Products and Flavored Tobacco Products.

Public Comment



City Manager Comments



Action Item

4A. Adoption of a Resolution Expressing Council Support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Commitment to Review Police and Public Safety Practices.

Public Comment



5. Adoption of a Resolution Declaring an Intention to Temporarily Suspend the Levy of Assessment Against Businesses Within the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 and Setting a Time and Place for a Public Hearing to be Held by the City Council on the Proposed Temporary Suspension; or Other Direction to Staff Related to the District.

6. Direct Staff to Continue With the 2020 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (S/CAP) Update and Evaluate the 2020 S/CAP Proposed Goals and Key Actions – THIS ITEM HAS MOVED TO JUNE 16, 2020.

7. Discussion and Direction to Staff Regarding the Establishment of a Pension Funding Policy; and Approval of Amendment Number 1 to Contract Number C15159278 to Increase Compensation by $97,675 for Additional Actuarial Consultant Services for a new Total Not-toExceed Amount of $230,000 – THIS ITEM HAS MOVED TO JUNE 16, 2020.



Study Session

8. Direction on Actions to Facilitate Outdoor Dining and Retail on Streets, Sidewalks and Parking Areas in Response to COVID-19 Emergency.

Public Comment




Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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