City Council

August 16th, 2021


Call to Order

Special Orders of the Day

1. Presentation from Valley Water Regarding the Current State of the Drought



Study Session

2. 280 & 300 Lambert Avenue (21PLN-00133): Request for Prescreening of a Proposal by Lambert Fields, LLC to Rezone the Properties at 280 and 300 Lambert Avenue From Service Commercial (CS) to Planned Home Zone (PHZ), Merge Parcels Into One Parcel, and Develop the Site With a 49-unit Residential Development. Environmental Assessment: Not a Project. Zoning District: CS (Service Commercial).




Agenda Changes, and Deletions

Oral Communications



Minutes Approval

3. Approval of Action Minutes for the August 9, 2021 City Council Meeting

Consent Calendar



City Manager Comments



Action Items

4. Finance Committee Recommends the City Council Decline to Adopt the Energy Storage System Targets; and Receive the 2020 Energy Storage Report.




5. Approve the Workplan for Development of a Revenue-Generating Local Ballot Measure for the November 2022 General Election; Review and Potential Guidance to Staff on Affordable Housing Funding as Referred by the City Council.




Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements

Closed Session

6. CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS Authority: Government Code Section 54956.8 Property: 300 Homer Avenue, Assessor’s Parcel Number 120-17-093 Negotiating Party: Palo Alto History Museum City Negotiators: Ed Shikada, Kiely Nose, Clare Gibson, Phil Crosby Subject of Potential Negotiations: Lease Price and Terms of Payment – POSTPONED TO AUGUST 23, 2021


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