City Council

August 24th, 2020


Call to Order

Agenda Changes, and Deletions 



Oral Communications



Minutes Approval

1. Approval of Action Minutes for the August 10, 2020 City Council Meeting

Consent Calendar

2. Approval of Contract Number C21179389 With Teichert Construction in the Amount of $1,904,325 for the Page Mill Road Safety Improvements Project (HSIPL-5100(029), Capital Improvement Program Street Maintenance Project (PE-86070).

3. SECOND READING: Adoption of an Ordinance Amending Palo Alto Municipal Code Chapters 18.52 and 18.54 Adjusting Parking Requirements to Facilitate EVSE Installation, Compliance With Accessibility Laws, Parking Substitutions, and Parking Lot Re-striping and Maintenance. Environmental Assessment: This Project is Exempt From the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in Accordance With CEQA Guidelines Section 15301, 15302, 15303, and 15061(b)(3) (FIRST READING: August 10, 2020 PASSED: 7-0).



City Manager Comments



Action Items

3A. Staff and Utilities Advisory Commission Recommend the City Council Adopt a Resolution Amending the City’s Electric Supply Portfolio Carbon Neutral Plan and Electric Utility Reserves Management Practices (Continued from August 17, 2020).


Public Comment



4. Recommendation to Accept the Human Relations Commission Report on Their Review of 8 Can’t Wait Policies in Relation to Current Palo Alto Police Department (PAPD) Policies, and Direction to the City Manager Regarding Revisions to Police Policies.


Public Comment



5. Update and Potential Direction on City of Palo Alto’s Race and Equity Work


Public Comment




Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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