City Council

September 14th, 2020


Call to Order

Special Orders of the Day

1. Appointment of one Candidate to the Human Relations Commission for a Partial Term Ending May 31, 2021 and two Candidates to the Public Art Commission for Three-year Terms Ending May 31, 2023.



Agenda Changes, and Deletions 

Oral Communications



Minutes Approval

1. Approval of Action Minutes for the August 17, and August 24, 2020 City Council Meetings

Consent Calendar

3. Approval of Contract Number C21178263 With McGuire Pacific Constructors, Not-to-Exceed $130,000, for On-call Residential Preferential Parking Program (RPP) Signs and Installation.

4. Approval of an Extension of the Pilot Phase of the Old Palo Alto Residential Preferential Parking Program (RPP) for a Period of Twelve Months.

Public Comment

5. QUASI-JUDICIAL. 4175 Page Mill Road [20PLN-00040]: Request for Site and Design Review to Allow Replacement of Vault Restroom In-situ With Prefabricated CXT Vault Restroom, Installation of American Disabilities Act (ADA) Parking Stalls, Construction of an ADA Path of Travel, and Minor Grading of an Existing Gravel Parking lot. Environmental Assessment: Exempt. Zoning District: Open Space (OS).

6. Adoption of Revised Salary Schedules for Various City Employee Groups Including Service Employees International Union (SEIU), SEIUhourly and Limited-hourly Employees; Revision to the Management and Professional Employees’ Compensation Plan.


7. Approval of Three Items Related to the Junior Museum and Zoo (JMZ): 1) Acceptance of a $250,000 Federal Grant for a California Dinosaur Garden Exhibition; 2) Approval of a Budget Amendment in the Capital Improvement Fund by a Two-thirds Vote; and 3) Approval of an Extension Until 2022 of the Agreement With the Friends of the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo for Mutual Cooperation and Support to Facilitate the Friends’ Financial and Administrative Support of the JMZ.



Oral Communications



City Manager Comments



State/Federal Legislation Update/Action 

8. Study Session With the City’s State Legislative Advocate Regarding Bills From the 2020 Legislative Session.



Action Items

9. PUBLIC HEARING: Adoption of an Interim Ordinance Amending Title 18 (Zoning) of the Palo Alto Municipal Code to Temporarily Allow 24-hour Safe Parking on City-owned Sites in the Public Facilities (PF) Zoning District; and Approval of a Three-year Lease With the County of Santa Clara (Tenant) at 2000 Geng Road for Safe Parking.



Public Comment



10. Verbal Update and Possible Direction to Staff on COVID-19 Related to Business Recovery Efforts.

Public Comment



11. Review and Selection of Select State and Local Measures on the November 2020 Ballot for Possible Support or Oppose Positions.


Public Comment



Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements


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