City Council

September 21st, 2020


Call to Order

Agenda Changes, and Deletions 



Oral Communications



Consent Calendar

1. Approval of Construction Cameras for use at the California Avenue Parking Garage and Highway 101 Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass Construction Projects; and Approval of a Parking Guidance System in Accordance With the Surveillance and Privacy Protection Ordinance.

2. Approve Contract Amendments to Extend the Following Banking and Related Services Contracts: 1) U.S. Bank and its Wholly-owned Subsidiary Elavon for General Banking and Merchant Services; 2) Wells Fargo for Lockbox Services; 3) Union Bank for Investment Safekeeping (Custodial) Services; and 4) JP Morgan Chase Bank for Purchase Card (P-card) Services.

3. Consideration of an Appeal of a Director’s Interpretation Made Pursuant to Palo Alto Municipal Code Section 18.01.025 and Related to Seismic Rehabilitation. The Project is Exempt From the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in Accordance With CEQA Guidelines 15061(b)(3).

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4. Approval of a Contract Between Project Safety Net, Inc. for Youth Mental Health Support in the Amount of $100,000 per Year; Approval of a One-time Transfer of $21,604 in Donations for a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $521,604 for the Term of September 21, 2020 Through June 30, 2025; and Approval of a Budget Amendment in the Public Services Donation Fund by a Two-thirds Vote.

5. Adoption of a Resolution to Extend the Bicycle and Electric Scooter Share Pilot Program for 18 Months.

6. Adoption of a Resolution Approving and Authorizing the City Manager or Designee to Execute the Continuing Reimbursement Agreement for Letters of Credit With US Bank National Association at an Estimated Cost of $35,000 per Year in Connection With the City’s Market Purchase Program Agreement With Northern California Power Association (NCPA); and Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of all Documents Relating to the Letters of Credit.



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Rail Communications Update

7. Connecting Palo Alto Rail Grade Separation: Receive an Update From the Expanded Community Advisory Panel (XCAP).

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Action Items

8. Recommendation of the Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) to: 1) Discuss the Draft Economic Analysis Analyzing Potential Increases to Inclusionary Housing Requirements; 2) Maintain the Inclusionary Housing Requirements at 15 Percent for Ownership Housing and the Housing Impact Fee for Rental Housing; and 3) Authorize an Analysis of Specific Adjustments Across the Spectrum of Zoning and Financial Factors That Would Support a 20 Percent Inclusionary Housing Requirement.


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9. Discussion and Direction to Staff on Housing Affordability Requirements for Projects Proposed Under the Planned Home Zoning (Planned Community Zoning). This Action is Exempt From the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in Accordance With CEQA Guidelines 15061(b)(3).


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