City Council

December 8th, 2014


Call to Order 

Study Session

1. Study Session on Sustainability Initiatives and the Sustainability & Climate Action Plan (S/CAP)





Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments

Oral Communications





Consent Calendar

2. Adoption of Resolution Declaring Results of the Consolidated Special Municipal Election Held on November 4, 2014

3. Approval of Amendment No. 2 to Contract S14153842 with Comment Ground, LLC to Extend the Term from June 30, 2015 to February 28, 2016 for a Total to Not to Exceed of $160,000 for Social Media Support, Development and Maintenance of City’s Social Media Network and Internal Training of Social Media Administrators

4. Approval of Facility Naming Plan for Avenidas Bryant Street Center, a City-owned Facility Located at 450 Bryant Street

5. Approval of Amendment No. One to Contract C13148958 with RMC Water and Environment, Inc. To Extend the Contract Term 12 Months to December 31, 2015, With No Additional Costs

6. Approval of a $600,000 Loan Request from Palo Alto Housing Corporation for 2811 Alma Street and Budget Amendment Ordinance

7. Approval of the First Amendment to the Contract with Questica Inc. to Implement a Performance Management Module, Streamline the Annual Performance Report, and Provide for Long-Term Financial Infrastructure Replacement Planning by Increasing Total Compensation by $160,400 from $499,068 to $659,468, Including a 10 Percent Contingency in the Amount of $29,968 Based on the First Year Contract Cost

8. Approval of Amendment No. Four To Employment Agreement between the City of Palo Alto and City Manager James R. Keene, Jr., to Increase Annual Salary by 5 Percent, From $262,241 to $275,353

9. Approval of Amendment No. Two To Employment Agreement between the City of Palo Alto and City Attorney Molly S. Stump, to Increase Annual Compensation by 5 Percent, from $234,936 to $246,688

10. Adoption of a Resolution Extending the Time Period for Commencement of Construction for the College Terrace Market Located at 2180 El Camino Real

11. Approval of the Submission of an Institute of Museum and Library Services Grant Application in the Amount of $25,000 for the Palo Alto Art Center

12. Request to Bring Proposed Changes in Development Impact Fees Directly Back to Council on December 15, 2014





Action Items

13. Comprehensive Plan Update: Discussion and Direction to Staff Regarding the Scope and Schedule of the Planning Process, Including Concurrent Zoning Changes (Note: This is the continuation of a discussion that began on November 3, 2014.)





14. Approval of Staff Recommendations Concerning Responses to Palo Alto Compost Facility Request for Proposals for Yard Trimmings and Residential Food Scraps at the Measure E Site. Staff Recommends that Council Direct Staff to Pursue One of the Two Following Options. Option #1 (Lower-Cost Option): Reject all Proposals Received in Response to the “Compost Facility for Yard Trimmings and Residential Food Scraps”. Or Option #2 (Local Facility Option): Begin Negotiations with Synergy to Develop a Contract for Design, Construction and Operations of a Composting Facility on a 3.8-acre Section of the Measure E Site. If Staff is Unable to Negotiate a Contract with Synergy then Staff is Directed to Initiate Negotiations with a second company.





15. Adoption of a Resolution Adopting the 2014-2016 Management & Professional Compensation Plan and Amending the Table of Organization

Inter-Governmental Legislative Affairs

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements



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