City Council

December 7th, 2015


Call to Order

Study Session

1. Prescreening of a Proposed Hotel Development at 744-750 San Antonio Road




Special Orders of the Day

2. Fire Safety Month Poster Award Recognition to Palo Alto Unified School District Students for Excellence in Design, Art and Messaging




Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

City Manager Comments

Oral Communications




Consent Calendar

3. Adoption of a Resolution Summarily Vacating Public Easement at 3264 Kipling Avenue

4. Adoption of a Resolution Summarily Vacating Public Easement at 4252 Manuela Court

5. Adoption of an Ordinance to add Chapter 10.51 to the Palo Alto Municipal Code to Permanently Implement the Crescent Park No Overnight Parking Program and Expand the Boundaries of the Program

6. Approve Amendment Number One to Contract Number C1415263 With Townsend Public Affairs to add 24 Months of Service at a Cost of $8,500 per Month, Totaling $204,000, for a Total Contract Amount not to Exceed $391,000 for State Legislative Advocacy Services

7. Adoption of a Budget Amendment Ordinance to Appropriate $203,561 From the Residential Housing Fund for Rehabilitation of the Colorado Park Apartments Consistent With Prior Loan Approval

8. Adoption of an Ordinance Re-Titling and Amending Municipal Code Chapter 5.30 (Plastic Foam and Non-Recyclable Food Service Containers and Packaging Items) to Prohibit Sale of Non-Recyclable Plastic Foam at Retail Establishments Such as Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Mail Service Stores and Hardware Stores

9. Adoption of a Resolution Revising the Citywide Records Retention Schedule and Repealing Resolution No. 8688

10. Approval of Amendment Number Three to the Palo Alto-Stanford Fire Protection Agreement With the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University Extending the Term for One Year for a Total Fee of $6.5 Million, and Approval of a Related Budget Amendment Ordinance Reducing the General Fund Budget Stabilization Reserve by $675,000 to Offset a Reduction in FY 2016 Fire Department Revenues

Action Items

11. PUBLIC HEARING: Review and Adoption of an Ordinance to Amend Land Use Related Portions of Titles 16 and 18 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code. The Purposes of the Code Amendments and Additions are to: (1) Improve the Use and Readability of the Code, (2) Clarify
Certain Code Provisions, and (3) Align Regulations to Reflect Current Practice and Council Policy Direction. The Affected Chapters of Title 16 Include but are not Limited to Title 16 (Building Regulations), Chapters 16.20 (Signs), 16.24 (Fences), and 16.57 (In-Lieu Parking Fees for New Non-Residential Development in the Commercial Downtown (CD) Zoning District), and Title 18 (Zoning), Chapters 18.01 (Adoption, Purposes and Enforcement), 18.04 (Definitions),
18.08 (Designation and Establishment of Districts), 18.10 (Low Density Residential RE, R-2 and RMD Districts), 18.12 (R-1, Single Family Residence District), 18.13 (Multiple Family Residential (RM-15, RM-30, RM-40) Districts), 18.14 (Below Market Rate Housing Program), 18.15 (Residential Density Bonus), 18.16 (Neighborhood, Community, and Service Commercial (CN,CC and CS) Districts), 18.18 (Downtown Commercial (CD) Districts)), 18.20 (Office, Research and
Manufacturing (MOR, ROLM, RP and GM) Districts), 18.23 Performance Criteria for Multiple Family, Commercial, Manufacturing and Planned Community Districts), 18.31 (CEQA Review –
a new Chapter), 18.34 (PTOD Combining District Regulations), 18.40 (General Standards and Exceptions), 18.52 (Parking and Loading Requirements), 18.70 (Non-conforming Uses and Non-complying Facilities), 18.76 (Permits and Approvals), and 18.77 (Processing of Permits and Approvals)

12. PUBLIC HEARING: Certification of the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) and Approval of the Record of Land Use Action to Allow Demolition of Four Existing Structures Totaling 265,895 Square Feet and Construction of Four Two-Story Office Buildings Totaling 265,895 Square Feet of Floor Area With Below and At-Grade Parking and Other Site Improvements Located at 1050 Page Mill Road. Zoning District: Research Park (RP). Environmental Assessment: An Environmental Impact Report has Been Prepared. (STAFF REQUESTS ITEM BE CONTINUED TO JANUARY 11, 2016)

Inter-Governmental Legislative Affairs

Council Member Questions, Comments and Announcements



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